The highs and lows of parenting and real estate.

And on it rolls

Life has been moving along with the speed and momentum of a freight train. I’m quickly becoming acclimated to the work and hours of a real estate agent, which, let me tell you, is no easy feat. There are calls to be made, appointments to be set up and documents to be faxed unendingly. The offer we made on the house on Tuesday was accepted! Houston, we have achieved escrow! With that success and excitement came a new challenge: the sale of their existing house. We put together the initial paperwork to do just that on Thursday night. This entire process has been complicated by the fact that Christy, Mark and their girls left yesterday for Massachusetts to visit his parents for the week. So we had to make sure we had everything necessary signed for the week ahead before they left. As of now, there should be a sign in front of their house (I’m going to drive by today to see) and I’m hoping for calls to have it shown today. Cross your fingers for us!

Interesting things I’ve learned this week:

How to find comparative properties to see how much a house should sell for
How the home inspection process works
It really takes a village to facilitate a home sale
Everyone thinks it’s really cute the first time you bring the baby into the office (how they feel the 15th time has yet to be determinded)
Realtors do actually earn their commission (who knew people actually called for business reasons at 10:30pm?)
It’s vital to have your 10 closest friends and their kids along for consultation on the walk-through
So far I LOVE real estate! Now if I could just get a little more sleep, it’s been a tiring week for us all…

Sleeping boys

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