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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Things are somewhat better here in my own personal real estate land, this week. I wrote two offers and one is firmly in escrow. That’s at least something, right?

I have always known that I’m slightly on the A-personality side of life. I’m a first child and pretty known, at least with my family and friends, for having strong opinions. My best girl friends are all equally opinionated, organized, and almost all, first born. I get teased a bit by my family for being ‘bossy’ and ‘controlling’, but in my line of work I have this feeling I would sink like lead if I wasn’t a go-get-em kinda gal.

Anyway, in this biz, I come across too many ‘professionals’ who promise and then don’t deliver, or who just don’t even return my phone calls. It’s utterly amazing to me that people in a service industry would have such poor communication skills.

So, as both a control freak and service provider, here are the bright points of my week:

1. I called a painting company out of the phone book to come do a quote on painting the inside of my vacant listing. I was trying to find a company who would get it done quickly, do a nice, clean job, and take a credit card (which is tougher to find than you might think, many small companies just don’t have the technical capability). The company came out that day to do a quote, agreed immediately to match one of the other quotes I’d gotten. They scheduled and followed through with the job within a week, and even took credit. I went over there today, after they finished work, and it’s gorgeous. They did an awesome job and I’m thrilled. I wish I had called them first. I will definitely use them again. I’m always looking for good, reliable professionals to add to my list. (Just in case you need painters: Repaint Specialists (480) 917-3232.)

2. An agent showed one of my listings yesterday. I called him back today, to get feedback from his buyers on what they thought of the house, and was dismayed to get his voice mail. For the most part, when I’m looking for feedback and I get the voice mail, I won’t get a call back. Many agents won’t waste their time returning phone calls that have no benefit for them or their clients. So, I was thrilled, when he returned my call a few hours later. He actually said, “You know, I was thinking that I want more feedback on my listings, so I decided that I need to start calling other people back.” Awesome, and I told him so.

So there you go. A deal in escrow, a great paint job and even some good feedback. What more can you ask for?

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