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All this rain and I still haven’t used my umbrella…

Is it wet at your house? My house has been drippy and soggy for days. Like a typical Zonie, I’m loving the uncommon dark clouds looming outside my window. The lower temperatures aren’t bad either (though I could do without the humidity that makes my hair stick straight even after I’ve had it in curlers all morning).

I started out this morning looking to see how this monsoon season has stacked up against past ones, because it has seemed particularly rainy at our house. I was hoping to see that rainfall is a bit above normal (I’ve heard talk that maybe we’re nearing the end of our 10-year drought). Unfortunately, the comparison of average rainfall to rainfall so far this year has eluded me (Google, how could you do me so wrong?). But in my search, I did come across some interesting facts about Monsoons on the National Weather Service site. Here are the ones I found most interesting:

1. CORRECT definition of Monsoon: Any wind that reverses its direction seasonally.

2. In Phoenix, the monsoon is considered to have started when we have three consecutive days when the dew point averages 55 degrees or higher.

3. The average start date of the monsoon in Phoenix is July 7, while the average ending date is September 13.

4. The earliest start date for the monsoon was June 16, 1925…whereas the latest start ever was July 25, 1987.

5. Ancient Indian Proverb: “Rain will occur about a week after locusts begin to sing at night”

6. In Phoenix, normal rainfall during July, August and September is 2.65 inches. The wettest monsoon occurred in 1984 when we had 9.38 inches of rain. The driest was in 1924 with only 0.35 inches.

7. In the last five years, there has been more than $225 million dollars in damage in the Phoenix metro area from severe thunderstorm wind and hail.

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