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I know, you’ve been sitting at home anxiously awaiting news about the nest of quail eggs in our backyard, right? Well I’m sorry to have kept you in suspense, but the wait is over: those frickin’ eggs actually hatched!

I kind of owe them an apology, don’t I? Apparently at least the quail in our backyard aren’t quite as clueless and inept as I accused them of being. I’m just so relieved we won’t have to find them grief counseling.

This is how it went yesterday:

9AM – I went out and checked on the nest. The mama quail was sitting on it. I didn’t get close enough to scare her away. I considered going to the store to get those chocolate malted eggs with the hard candy shell to switch out for the quail eggs the next time the mama quail was gone. Just to see if she’d notice. But then I got busy with work.

6PM – Jason walked in the door from work.

Jason: Have you checked on the quail today?

Me: This morning. She was still under there. But I haven’t recently. Why?

Jason: Well I was driving home and I saw a quail family with tiny babies right down the street. I just wondered…

Me: You don’t think it was our quail babies do you?

We both walked over to stand at the sliding glass door to look out into the backyard.

Jason: No, no. They couldn’t be ours, I was just thinking… OH MY GOD I JUST SAW THEM!! LOOK! Over by the bush near the wall!

Me: WHAT? HOLY SHIT, I see them too!

And then we shared a brief moment of what can only accurately be described as the exuberance two 12 year old girls exhibit when they realize Justin Bieber has walked into the room and is breathing the same air they are. We ‘squeed’, is what I’m trying to say.

After that, we sneaked out the front door and went around the side of the backyard in an attempt to tip-toe up on the quail family and get pictures. I got a step too close and scared them all. Jason was pissed at me.

I did get a picture of the nest as proof these babies are the ones we’ve been waiting to see:

And now this is the part of the blog post where I’m going to make fun of my husband for being adorably completely crazy about all living creatures (especially baby creatures). So if you’re a person who might feel sensitive about that (IE: my husband), you should probably stop reading now. But know it’s out of love that I mock.

Before I go any further, let’s just have a quick refresher course on my husband in case you don’t know him in person. Jason is sarcastic. Jason is uncomfortable with genuine emotion. Jason isn’t a hugger. Jason was told last week by an acquaintance that he wouldn’t like a person he was being introduced to because she was ‘bubbly and friendly and really likes to talk’. The acquaintance was right, he didn’t like her. (I know, the part about how she really likes to talk and he finds her annoying kind of begs the question of why he’s married to me… but we’ll ignore that for now.)

This is the man who immediately came inside, pulled out his laptop and began researching baby quail food. Yes, baby quail food for the wild animals who just happen to be squatting in our backyard.

This is what he came home with after a trip to the pet store last night before it closed. I'm not even kidding.

And then this morning before he left for work he showed me where he’d put out a food plate and a water plate near the bush where they’ve now taken up residence:

Turns out maybe these quail weren’t so stupid to pick our backyard to have their babies in. The other backyards are like Motel 6 compared to ours. We have room service. We’re like the Biltmore of backyards to lay your eggs in. Maybe quails have a special 6th sense about people who are really bleeding heart animal lovers. I bet they were checking out our backyard and caught a glimpse of Jason and just knew. That guy looks gruff and kind of shouty, but dude, he will LOVE us.

Of course they still have to deal with me.

Jason is so gonna yell at me when he sees that I went outside again and scared them just so I could get this picture.

You just know our yard is going to be overrun by pigeons by lunch time, right? And the pigeons will probably attract coyotes who will eat the whole mess of birds. Ah the circle of life.

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