The highs and lows of parenting and real estate.

About Me

Yes, I’m an actual full-time real estate agent. Yes, I’d love to actually help you buy or sell a house. If something weird or funny happens while we’re doing that, I might write about it, but I’ll probably ask you first. Other important details about me:

  • Co-creator of awesomely brilliant and destructive children
  • Married to a ‘cool dad’
  • Horrible secret keeper
  • Not a band-aid ripper
  • Real terrible at accents
  • Aspiring circus performer/ballerina
  • If it sounds a little dirty, I probably meant it that way
  • Left eyebrow dominant
  • Tend toward surly when I’m hungry
  • Above average guesser
  • Appalling housekeeper
  • Excellent knowledge of MTV shows
  • Car (but not shower) singer
  • Can’t read lips (so just text me that thing you’re trying to tell me during a wedding)

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