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A Ticket Book for Jonas

Jonas: Mom, next time I’m allowed to play my DS* and Gray’s grounded from his then I’m going to play his DS.

Me: Um… that’s not how it works. He has to let you borrow it. You don’t just get free reign of his toys because he’s grounded.

Jonas: I know, but I have a ticket book that says I can.

Me: You have a what?

Jonas: A ticket book. Gray made it for me.

Me: Why did he give that to you? Just because he was being nice?

Jonas: No, because I really wanted a ticket book. And because I gave him 5 dollars.

Me: You gave him 5 dollars?

Jonas: Yeah, you know, from the card from Great Grandma Jean for Christmas? I gave him the 5 dollars from that and he gave me 4 quarters and a ticket book.

Me: What else does it have in it?

Jonas: It says I can sit on his bed for 10 minutes. I already used one of those, though. I don’t know what the other ones say.

Me: I can’t decide if that’s really sweet of him or he’s a total con-artist…


The comprehensive list is:

On bed – 10 minutes (I’m assuming this means Jo is allowed to sit on Gray’s bed, which is the coveted top bunk, for 10 minutes)

On bed with Blue – 10 minutes (Blue is our fluffy white cat)

Play DS – 5 minutes

Art on my desk – 5 minutes (Gray has a large collection of art supplies)

Use my duct tape – 10 minutes

Read my book to you – 20 minutes

So if we break it down, Jonas paid Gray $5 (well, $4 actually since he got a rebate of 4 quarters, which Jo may or may not have already lost) for an hour of Gray’s time and his supplies. Although I wish Gray would let Jo sit on his bed and read to him without payment, I’m hard-pressed to determine which of them is getting the short end of the stick. I guess that means it’s a fair deal in Kidland.

Carry on you little weirdos; carry on.


*Some video game crap.

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