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A Smart and Talented Cookie

A couple of years ago I stopped taking ‘office leads’. I used to work pretty heavily with clients referred by relocation companies or clients who came in through my old brokerage’s website. Now, I work almost exclusively with people who have been personally referred to me by someone who knows me or who has worked with me before (and of course people who find me through my blog).

This has resulted in a statistical plummet of the following characteristics in my clients:

  • Using me for a ‘tour’ of the valley
  • Expecting me to be available at the drop of a hat
  • Working with me for 6 months and then calling a listing agent directly to see a house because they are under the mistaken impression they’ll get a better deal if they cut me out
  • Treating me like I’m their servant
  • Generally not trusting my knowledge
  • Arguing with me about current market characteristics
  • Going AWOL and never returning my calls or emails

And it has resulted in a statistical spike of the following characteristics:

  • Awesomeness and hilarity in general
  • The feeling of having made a new friend when the transaction is complete
  • Trusting my advice and knowledge to help them obtain or sell a property
  • Needing to be reassured regularly that this is my job and they’re not making my life difficult by asking me to show them property on the weekends and evenings
  • Not taking things out on me that are out of my control
  • Appreciative of how well I do my job

I’ve become spoiled and I know it. I never want to go back. I LOVE my clients.

Take my newest client. She’s the sister of a friend of a friend. We’ve been out to see houses three times in the last couple of weeks. Not only is she adorable, hilarious and interesting, but she’s a fricking genius in the kitchen. The first time I took her out she brought me a cookie. She emailed me the next day and asked me what my kids are into. I told her: Legos, of course. A couple of days later when I met her out to see our next batch of houses she brought me these:

Yeah, that’s right, she just whipped up a batch of custom, homemade cookies for me and my family. She’s kind of amazing, right? She made this one for me, too:

On one hand, I don’t want to eat it because it’s so beautiful and intricately decorated. On the other hand, it looks delicious. On a third hand, it seems a little bit kinky, right? And on a fourth hand, she’s making me kind of fat.

But even if I did have four hands, I could never even hope to put together the things my client has pulled off in the less than a year she’s been creating these cookie works of art. I’m not even exaggerating. Go look through the pictures on her Facebook page. And then hire her for all your cookie needs. I will personally vouch for the raddness of these in every aspect.

Utterly spoiled, I tell you. Why would I go back to clients who order me around, assume I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, scoff at my knowledge and have no loyalty to me when I can have fun, funny clients who bring me cookies, offer to drive half the time and spend our house finding trips enthralling me with the details of life in the business of cookie art?

Stop being so jealous of me; it’s not pretty on you.


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