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A New Box of Possiblities for 2006

I love the start of a new year. It’s like a big new box of crayons when you’re a kid; all of those colors, perfectly lined up and sharp, full of the possibilities of what you will create with them. I was never much of an artist, but I still loved the potential contained in a brand new, unmarred box of crayons. And so it is with 2006.

I’m a planner; a goal-oriented person. I’m constantly revising and editing a mental list of short and long-term goals. For instance, for as long as I can remember, one of my long term goals has been to write a novel. When I was six I decided I wanted to be a writer, and though I have done some different things, career-wise, it remains my life’s ambition. I regularly revisit how to accomplish it. Other shorter term goals currently on my mental list include: do two loads of laundry today, put together preliminary paperwork to list the Cowans’ house, and GET HEALTHY.

So anyway, it stands to reason that I have had a New Year’s Resolution ‘task’ in my Microsoft Outlook for a couple of months already. It’s obviously not a comprehensive list of things I intend to accomplish this year, but I think they are all SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. We have been discussing goal setting in my Century 21 Arizona Foothills office lately and I think I’m going commit my short and longer term goals to paper for awhile. Real estate is a very self-motivated career, and while I tend to be pretty self-motivated, it might help to have someone keeping me in check as well.

Without further ado, here are my major resolutions for 2006:

Sell at least 15 houses
Have our kitchen completely remodeled
Participate in National Novel Writing Month
Knit a sweater for myself that I actually would wear
Cook dinner at home at least 4 nights a week

It’s a short list, but they are things I plan to accomplish. I believe I can realistically sell 15 houses this year. We already have the budget in our savings account to remodel the kitchen, I just have to find the right people to do it. National Write a Novel month has been something I’ve been interested in for the last few years, but I’ve never been in a position, career or family-wise, where I even felt like I could reasonably attempt it. This year, I think I can (which is not to say that I will complete it… I’m saving that resolution for 2007). I am a new knitter, but a fast learner and not afraid to fail. I’m ready to take on a sweater pattern and I think in a year I can bang a reasonable one out. Cooking dinner in is something we do pretty regularly, I just need to make it more of a constant priority.

In a more general, non-measurable, non-timed, non-specific sense, I also plan to:

Be more organized
Clean the house regularly
Think about buying a new car
Take the kids to the park or on walks more often
Eat healthy
Make pretty things

So I’m excited about the empty page of the new year. I don’t remember what my exact goals for 2005 were, but I know they included obtaining my real estate license and quitting my job to move into real estate full time, while still staying afloat financially. I feel pretty successful about 2005. 2006, here I come!

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