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A Margarita Tree and an Enclosed Patio Dress

Last night, after a long (LONG) exhausting week and weekend, we had a quick dinner at the Chipotle by our house. We wanted to sit on the patio where it was quieter, the light was nice and it wasn’t frigidly air-conditioned, but we were quickly shooed back inside by an employee.

Once we were seated back inside –

Jonas (6): Why do we have to sit in here? I like it so much better outside.

Jason: It’s because of Mom’s margarita. We’re not allowed to sit outside with it.

Jonas: Mom, can’t you pop a top on that and pop a straw in it and tell them you won’t be able to spill? Then we could go outside. I think you should ask. It’s worth a try.

Me: As much as I’d like to pop a top on it, it’s not about the spilling. It’s about the liquor laws.

Gray (9): What are the ‘liquor laws’?

Me: This restaurant has a license to sell alcohol, but you can’t take it off the premises. And even though there are little tables out front, it’s really just a pretend patio because it’s not enclosed, so it’s not technically part of the restaurant.

Jonas (under his breath): Stupid margarita.

Gray: So you can’t just walk around the streets drinking alcohol?

Me: Some places you can… but not Arizona. Or Mesa, at least.

Jason: You can in Las Vegas, but that’s a weird place.

Gray: You should get your own personal enclosed patio you could bring with you. It would just be a little tiny square of patio fencing you could set up right around you. Then you could have a margarita whenever you want.

Me (giggling): That’s like a really good idea, Gray.

Gray (with a grin because, like his father, he loves to make me laugh): It could be a dress. You need an enclosed patio dress that would let you carry your drink wherever you go.

Me: You really need to invent that.

Gray: I’m totally going to. It will be awesome.

Jonas: What if there was a tree that grew on alcohol? Like you just walked outside and poured margaritas on it and it grew and grew.

Me: I bet it would grow really amazing limes… OK, eat your tacos, you weirdos.


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