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I’m afraid I’ll forget. I’m afraid I’ve already forgotten. So I’ll make a list and immortalize it here so we’ll always remember what 8 is:

8 is Legos.

8 is making break-throughs on the reading front.

8 is bonding with his older brother over video games and with his little brother over forts and hating their older brother when he won’t let them in his room.

8 is still young enough to have both girl best friends and boy best friends.

8 is swimming across the pool alone with no problem, but still nervous about it.

8 cries when his brother breaks his favorite Lego creation (but his mom tells him he needs to suck it up a little bit because she suspects the tears are more for her benefit and the resulting punishment of his brother than any real emotional pain).

8 refuses to go to the swimming pool without a shirt and to bed with one, but won’t explain the logic behind either one.

8 is freckled and fair and burns wherever his mom forgets to put sunscreen.

8 makes repetitive fart noises in the car to the extent that his mom (who generally isn’t offended by fart noises) has to tell him if he doesn’t quit doing it she’s going to pull the car over and put him on the side of the road where that vulture was just eating the dead thing with a sign that says ‘Vulture Food’.

8 still has that tell when he lies. He opens his mouth wide, raises his eyebrows and displays his hands palms up. He shakes his head slightly, appearing incredulous anyone could doubt his honesty. No, I did NOT pee in the Batman party-favor bucket that somehow ended up in our bathroom next to the toilet full of pee. I have NO IDEA how that happened and I DO NOT KNOW why Jonas would say it was me.

8 is still peeing in random places.

8 follows written directions carefully and with a certain glee. Very little makes him happier than recipes and step-by-step art projects.

8 is loved by his friends. He’s quiet and funny and not bossy or mean.

8 cannot resist a good tattle.

8 would live on frozen grapes if his mom let him.

8 is squirt guns and bike riding and LOVING to ride carousels.

I love me some 8.

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