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I had this whole plan for today. I was going to blog 34 things that are better about being 34 than 24. But then I tried to brainstorm 34 things and I remembered THAT’S A LOT OF THINGS. Then I felt kinda old.

Then I got super busy with a couple of important transactions, and one of my BFFs came to take me to lunch and cocktails and SHOTS (yes, shots) and that was that. Sometimes it goes like that.

Highlights for the day:

1. Me: Hi, David?

David: Hey, Elizabeth, so what’s going on?

Me: OK, so everything’s good. We got the extension. I know we were both freaking out and we had to have it by 2PM, but I got it at 1:42PM, so we’re good. Your $6,000 in earnest is safe.


Me: I know, right? Whew. I was freaking out. Today was my birthday so my girlfriend came to take me to lunch and I had margaritas and I was worried and…

David: Wait, today is your birthday?

Me: Yeah… but I didn’t have that many cocktails and I was totally on it…

David: Today is my birthday, too!

Me: What?? How is it possible we’ve talked like five times today and we haven’t figured that out before now?

David: I do not know. But we should definitely have a drink tonight.

2. I got this rad/weird calorie counter watch thing from Jason for my birthday:

He’s either trying to tell me that I need to burn more calories regularly or that he knows I’m a little OCD about data and my hobbies and he thought I would like this. I kinda think it’s the latter. Good job, hubs.

3. So much fun at lunch.


And at the next bar after lunch:

I’ll try to be more poignant next post. Or maybe next birthday. Or at least the next time I’m posting when sober. Yay 34! Turns out it’s not that bad.

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