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3 Days – 4 Clients – 37 Houses

It’s been a wild weekend of houses and more houses. The title of this post says it all. I’ve been to South Chandler, North Mesa, Ahawatukee, Gilbert, the Historic Districts of Phoenix and the majority of the new builds in the South East Valley.

The buyers are out there and looking for deals. Of the things I’ve seen in the last few weeks, a few stand out to me:

1. Out in Maricopa, there’s a new build in The Lakes at Rancho El Dorado with 1200+ square foot houses starting at $95,900. Can’t rent for less than that!

2. One of my clients has been looking at historical homes in downtown Phoenix, which is super fun. I tend to show suburban cookie cutters in the East Valley, so an adorable 1950s bungalow with a milk door makse me squeal. This cutie:

That has been totally redone with granite in the kitchen and a fabulous detached garage in back at $159,900 made me want to live downtown. Sure, it only has one bathroom, but so well done and in such a great location, how can you beat that?

3. Well, and if I’m going to post about great houses I’ve seen lately, I would be remiss not to mention this amazing Fountain Hills home:

My client who was looking in this area and I called it ‘the bridge house’ because it sits up above a bit of a wash. If you stand in front and look down underneath you can see to the other side. It’s an incredibly modern and well thought out home. We looked at many houses in this price range and our breath was taken away by this beauty. It’s currently listed at $1,980,000. Let me assure you, if I had two million, that’s where I’d be living.

4. The last is another downtown historical home. This one wasn’t in amazing shape, and it definitely was the scariest on the block from the exterior (driving down the street with my client, we couldn’t figure out which house we were looking for; when I finally realized which house was our destination, I said, “Of course that one. The one we wouldn’t want to go into. Awesome.”), however, the layout was generally good and the house was totally livable. It has a garage with a laundry room and three bedrooms and two baths, plus a decent sized kitchen, not to mention a ginormous yard. Add to that a neighborhood close to the light rail and with mostly fabulous houses (with expensive cars parked out front) and I’m thinking that with a little bit of elbow grease and time to get the market back on track and the $132,900 price tag will be looking like money in some smarty’s pocket. Yeah, I know it doesn’t look like much:

But I think I could amount to something special in the long run (although someone should totally clean the 8 huge cockroaches out of the bottom cabinet in the kitchen ASAP).

And that’s my market take for the day. Call if you want to see anything!

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