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3-Day Weekend (Part I)

Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend? We have been accomplishing much and relaxing tons; it’s been the perfect combination of work and play.

On the work front, I gave a listing presentation yesterday to a family in Tempe. I knew, going in that they have met with several other Realtors. They are feeling out the market and trying to find the right person to help them sell their house. I definitely do not blame them for this. There are, admittedly, lots of real estate agents out there, and everyone talks a different game. It’s smart to see what a few different people have to say. I felt like my meeting with them went well. I had lots of throughly researched information for them and I felt good that I was totally honest about where the market for their house stands right now. The thing is, however, I know at least one of the other Realtors they met with gave them what seems to me to be a very high estimate of what they can get for their house. I let them know it sounded high to me and showed them where I was getting my information from, but that ultimately, what to list their house at is entirely their decision. It is their house. My responsibility is just to let them know the risks and drawbacks of making a move like that. So… I’m not sure what it is that will make or break this deal for them. Is it the lowest commission? Highest recommended listing price? Most useful information presented? Honesty? Personality? Outfit? Cute earrings (hopefully this one is the most important, because I was wearing these really great dangly pearl ones my mom made me for my birthday)? The experience spawned my new poll (to the right).

And then there was the play:

Jason and the boys spent countless hours building with the insane amount of Lego’s Jason recently bequeathed to Ben. When Jason first told me about the extensive collection of Lego’s at his parents’ house in Oregon that he wanted to give to Ben, I was touched. What a sweet, fun thing for him to share with his son. It wasn’t until the day after he gave them to Ben and they had spent literally six hours building elaborate ships and castles, that I realized the ‘sweet gesture’ was at least 50 percent opportunity for Jason to relive his childhood passion for architecture. And yes, it’s still pretty cute that they spend hours together playing with those square bits of plastic, but I do have to wonder if he’s hiding from the yard work back there…

Lastly, I’m so excited to share that I’ve made an appointment with a contractor to come out and quote our kitchen and bathroom project. She is a kitchen cabinet expert, but has partners that can do anything that needs to be done in the home. She’s going to come out a week from Thursday to measure our kitchen and bathroom and talk to us about what we’re looking for so she can put together a quote. She told me that we can have as much help with our project as we want, or we can do it all ourselves. AND, she doesn’t charge to quote, which already puts her about five steps above Home Depot in my book. If she makes me happy at all, I will definitely post her contact info on here soon enough. I’m so excited for my new kitchen!!

I hope you are all having fabulous weekends as well!

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