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Vacaysh Travel Reviews

Last week we vacayshed in La Jolla for a week with the fam. It was a mostly enjoyable experience (which is really the very highest praise you can hope for of an eight day trip with 8 kids and 9 adults in one house). I feel compelled to do my due diligence as a proper vacayshee and review all the establishments we patronized for future vacayshlings.

1. Some hotel in San Diego we stayed the first night – Showers are super excellent for washing your mid-section and knees. A room with two double beds is perfect for a family of 5, unless your teenager wants to sleep lying down without being a fire hazard. Walking distance to a bar my brother-in-law really loves because it has a piano player and paintings of naked ladies on the wall. I’m pretty sure he and my sister named their dog after that bar.

2. Cody’s (restaurant in downtown La Jolla) – Fantastic champagne cocktails. Adorable waiters abound (my favorite was the one with the man-bun, but the one with the black-frame hipster glasses and accent was delicious, too). We went back a second visit to sample different cocktails and waiters and it did not disappoint.

3. Our rental house – Extremely homey vibe. With all of the owners’ personal belongings stuffed into closets and drawers and all their old family photos up around the house, it felt like we were visiting my Great Grandma in Minnesota, down to the ancient peeling wallpaper, unpredictable plumbing, and possible haunting. The feral kittens who live under the deck in the back provided endless hours of entertainment for the children. Also the hot tub is the very perfect height for epic jumps and flips into the swimming pool. And it seems like maybe someone hosted swinger parties in the room we affectionately called The Ghost Dance Party Room, so… that’s probably useful, for someone. Tip: If you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, don’t use the middle switch on the second floor bath for the light. It goes off and back on every 13-ish seconds, so you might die of a heart attack when you’re half asleep and plunged into darkness mid-pee. The far left switch stays illuminated more consistently. 

Feral kitten.

Feral kitten sighting.

4. The La Jolla Farmer’s Market – Absolutely superb location for fresh, local produce, poke’ over rice, and nonchalantly stalking that actor from Pretty Little Liars while he buys souvenirs for his girlfriend from the guy with the table of crap he swears he found on the bottom of ocean.

5. Birch AquariumThe place to go to spend $17/person for 12.5 minutes of entertainment for your children. If you’re in a big rush, just go straight to the sea dragon exhibit and stand there for 7 minutes and you’ll get your money’s worth.

Sea dragon. Real thing. I think.

Sea dragon. Real thing. I think.

6. Legoland – Completely endurable if you go to BevMo beforehand and stock up on tiny cans of margaritas to carry in your purse.

7. Surf Divas – A legitimately excellent place to get surf lessons complete with a harbor seal and a shovelnose guitarfish sighting. And no one even drowned!

Offspring surfing! And not drowning!

Offspring surfing! And not drowning!

Post surfing! (Pre-drowning.)

Post surfing! (Pre-drowning.)

8. Being on the Beach – Supremely beautiful experience when the sun is out. I recommend bringing a nephew who is obsessed with chasing seagulls. This will keep the birds away from your snacks and provide entertainment when you get bored. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your super-fair middle child’s hands and forearms. They will literally turn purple and swell from four hours of gripping the boogie board in the sun if you don’t.

9. Prison Hill Brewery in Yuma – A far better choice for lunch than Arby’s. Yes, driving home sucks ballz, but you might survive after a BLT and fries from this place.


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  1. A completely accurate review of family vacaysh!

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  3. Such a good idea for LegoLand….great googly moogly, that place SUCKS.

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