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This Post Just Makes Me Sad For Myself

This morning before Jason left for work he asked me, “What are you going to do today?” I’ve grown to dread this question. Real estate has sort of slowed to a crawl, which is pretty normal for me around this time of year, and I usually don’t fight it because I have so much else to deal with (presents, holiday cards, cookie exchanges, binge drinking and embarrassing my husband at various work holiday engagements). The unfortunate part of not having a ton of work-type activities to complete is then it sort of seems like maybe I should be making progress on the holiday/end of year stuff. Which I’m not.

But that’s not to say I don’t have like a really lot to do. Because I do. This morning already I showered and curled my hair, even though there’s a good chance no one but my children and husband will actually see it today. Then I spent 10 minutes trying to find our cat to give her antibiotics and another 10 minutes trying to roll her into a towel like Facebook suggested I do yesterday to avoid getting scratched while I squirt medicine down her throat. It was totally successful in keeping all of my blood inside my body for the actual administration of the medication, but less so for the time when I was trying to get her into the towel. So I’m not sure that was a win. Then I did some laundry, took Jonas to school, sent a few real estate emails and worked up a set of docs.

That all pretty much took me until 9:30 AM.

Then I tried to brainstorm a blog post for today. That went like this:

Maybe I should write about how I’m thinking about dying my hair. I bet there’s a website I could use to see what it would look like if I did. I’ll take a picture of myself and then I can swap out different colors and show everyone it’s sort of a good idea and I should do it.

OK, now I just need to find a site that will do it. There must be one. Ooo, this one does entire makeovers! I should definitely do one of those…

Well that is not pretty. This is harder than it looks. 

Oh, that’s better! Huh. I sort of look like a man in the ‘before’ picture now compared to this. And I’m already wearing makeup just to get to that. I’m kind of a troll. I should probably order all of the makeup on this website because I obviously need it. Oh wait, I see how this works…

I should do one of what I would look like if this was 1987:

And one for if I was a cast member of The Walking Dead:

Ooo, look! I can put an entire star style on me? DONE. I could probably pull off Taylor Swift, don’t you think?

And I definitely need to do Sarah Jessica Parker, because every girl wants to be a Carrie (even though I’m more of a Samantha/Miranda hybrid):

That was a good use of my time. Oh look, here’s the website I was looking for that shows me what my hair would look like!

Huh, it just sort of turned the whole background the color of my hair. That’s not that helpful. Lame.

And now three hours have passed. So… that’s why my children aren’t getting any Christmas presents this year. You’re welcome. (Also? I’m not linking to the haircolor website because I’m pretty sure when I put in my email address it tried to hack my gmail account. Clearly a productive morning.)

20 Responses to This Post Just Makes Me Sad For Myself

  1. Thanks for the laugh–I needed that!!!

  2. Just for the record, Dad prefers picture #1.


  3. Makes me feel better about the morning that I just spent at Toys R Us, instead of working on the work project due before Christmas. Not to mention the 3-day old pizza for lunch, and the bowl of ice cream I’m eating as I type.

  4. I like you with the 1987 eyes – I think green eyeshadow should definitely make a comeback! But with paler lips. Love this website! I want one that makes my wrinkles go away.

  5. That sounds like at least about three days worth of productivity for me. Wanna be my new mentor? I really need to spend more time actually DOING things. The only thing vaguely approximating actual work I’ve accomplished so far today was reading this post.

  6. The light eyes are really freaking me out.

    Took me a minute to figure out where you were sitting when you took the picture – you’re so weird 😉

  7. Wow – you got all of the above stuff done by 9:30? You totally deserved three hours of internet makeovers.

    I haven’t gotten that much stuff done before 9:30 am since the day I gave birth to my first child.

    Good for you!

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve spent the last 3 hours playing a FB game. Not saying which one.

  9. I think my favorite part is how Jason called you weird for where you took the picture….. Not for any other part of this post. Just that.

    Also, you don’t roll the cat inthe towel, you throw the towel over the cat, head and all. Then grab it tight around the whole cat. Wrap securely. Tuck ends in tight. Then hold towel under cats chin (they like to wiggle feet out through the hole) and work kitty’s head out.

  10. I came here thinking, “I just need Min to be funny right now. I don’t want to do XYZ.” And you were. And you are awesome. Thank you.

  11. Crap! I haven’t read your blog posts for a while, so I pick today to do just that and now I’m going to have nightmares. Thanks a lot.

  12. The one with the SJP hair makes you and your sister look a lot more alike than I think most people realize. I recognize that there wasn’t supposed to be any real outcome from this other than laughter, but it struck me how putting that lighter color hair on what I assume is supposed to be the top of your head made your similarities more prevalent.

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