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Things That Make Me Irrationally Angry

If we’re going to be friends, it seems only fair to warn you about my buttons, so you know what not to push. I’m not talking about stuff like genocide, bullies and when Shannen Doherty left 90210. These are things that legitimately make everyone with a soul rage-filled. No, I’m talking about my own personal anger issues. If you and I are going to maintain a symbiotic relationship, I think it’s important for you be aware of this stuff so I don’t accidentally run you over with my car on purpose.

Things that make me irrationally angry:

1. Loud, unexpected sounds – You want to see me lose my shit? Open that can of pre-made biscuits without warning me first. Or run that coffee bean grinder first thing on Saturday morning when I’m still half asleep. That is why Jason has a scar on his forehead right above his left eye. I missed.

2. Gnats – What purpose do they have on Earth but to commit ritual suicide by flying into my facial orifices? Fuck you, gnats. Just fuck you.

3. Audible swallowing – When my kids get home from school at the exact moment I am in the middle of something that requires my full attention and I ask them to please (please) be quiet and leave me be for 10 more minutes so I can just finish this thing, and they go to the fridge, pour themselves a large glass of milk and spend the next 45 seconds audibly gulping it down? This is the definition of rage. White, hot, blinding rage.

4. Pseudo-science – I know I should just feel sorry for the people who believe in pretend science, but I don’t. I feel angry with them for being stupid. [Examples that will do nothing but heartily offend at least 7 people I’m close friends with and/or related to redacted.] I realize it’s intolerant of me.

5. Nude pantyhose – First of all, the word ‘pantyhose’ is disgusting and offensive for 45 reasons. Secondly: You there, you person wearing them… are you 8? Is it 1985? Are you going to church? No? Then there is something wrong with you. And it makes me angry, so stop it.

6. People who drive the speed limit when there’s no traffic blocking them or police cars in the vicinity – I’m pretty sure this needs no explanation (fuckyoufuckyoufuckyousomuch).


8. People who pronounce it ‘real-i-tor’ – So let’s say you look like Ryan Reynolds, Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I. or Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park. Or even Olivia Munn. And you and I are the last people on Earth. And it’s cold and we’re lonely and we each need human comfort. And you say to me, “What did you do before the apocalypse that destroyed all other life on Earth and left us alone, clinging to each other, here in this beautiful seaside wasteland that can only inspire passion and romance?” And I reply, “I sold residential homes in Arizona, once upon a time…” And then you say, “Oh? You were a real-i-tor?” I would not have sex with you. I would walk you to the edge of the ocean and hold your head under water until I was alone in this world.

9. Zippers that refuse to line up correctly so I can zip up a jacket – Dear Zippers, do you know what’s going to happen now? Now, I’m going to take scissors and cut you up so you can never join your mate again. You think you’ll have the last laugh because I’ll be cold? The fabric won’t come together and I’ll get a chill? Nope. Because: duct tape. Also? This is Arizona. FUCK YOU as much as gnats and ‘careful’ drivers.

10. The question, “What are we having for dinner?” – When my children ask me this question, generally between 3 and 8 times a day, I know their reaction to whatever I reply will be “Oh…” *sad face*, because I’m not going to answer, Candy and bacon! I’m not sure where the possibility I might respond in this manner came from as I have literally never answered that we are having candy and bacon for dinner, but they seem to have an unending well of hope within them that this will someday be my response. Which means multiple times a day I have to dash this hope with my answers of chicken and green bean stir fry or butternut squash risotto (the latter reliably soliciting both a *sad face* and a *holding back vomit grimace*). Over the years I’ve developed a pavlovian response to the question that causes my blood to boil even before it is finished being asked. I’ve decided the only appropriate answers are, Something you will hate, and Why did I have children?

I think that’s mostly it. Now you go.

9 Responses to Things That Make Me Irrationally Angry

  1. I really can’t connect with the nude pantyhose thing. Just so you know…

  2. Pick up your effing feet when you walk. Life is not weighing you do so much that I have to listen to your lazy assed shuffling around my person. JUST PICK UP YOUR EFFING FEET, DAMMIT!!!

    People that are doing anything at all that in the moment makes me realize that they feel they are the only person on the planet that matters. You’re not. We’re all here. Stop it. You’re a douche.

    Cray cray. Totes. Obvs. Natch. K K instead of OK. Actually saying O EM GEE out loud. Or El Oh El. Any of that. Use your words.

    People stopping dead in the middle of a walk way. Move to the side, jerk. Move to the side.

    People who do not walk with any purpose. They meander. I’m glad your life is carefree and without goals. But go meander in a nice field where it doesn’t matter.

    I’m nice. I promise.

  3. Sooooo much your number 6. If you’re afraid to drive then get off the highway. Inevitably they’re on the phone, either chatting or texting or just plain old. Pisses me off!

    People who resort to personal attacks during a perfectly normal conversation because I answer back nastier without thinking it through. Makes me look bad.

    Stupid people who think they’re smarter than me. Fuck off, learn to spell, when to use their/there/they’re et al, the proper use of the caps lock key (almost NEVER) and watch something other than Fox Spews.

    How you feel about gnats (I agree) is how I feel about dragonflies only worse. Terror covered by rage.

    I could go on.

  4. Number 3. My daughter makes herself ice water when she walks in the door like she lives in the fucking desert and drinks it and BREATHES into the cup super loudly while swallowing like this is the first liquid to touch her parched lips ever. She is 15. I tell her this is why she doesn’t have a boyfriend then enjoy the silence after she slams her bedroom door.

  5. My children repeatedly telling me all of the things they Do. Not. Like. while I am patiently making their school lunch. Do I look like I just met them? Do I look like I haven’t heard this damn list of “Do not likes” since they were born? Do they really think I’m going to suddenly slather mayo on the sandwich of the kid who hates it or cut the sandwich of the other kid into triangles rather than rectangles. DO I LOOK STUPID? I can effing make a sandwich you will like after a DECADE FREAKIN’ YEARS OF PRACTICE, THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

    Any time I have to go through the parent pick up line at school. Any. Time. It makes me want to punch people in the face hard.

    Simpering. Just don’t do it.

    Other people writing on my own personal calendar at work. Do I come to your desk and write on your shit? No. So don’t get out a pen and put your stuff on my shit. Someone circled the 24th of February on my calendar (incidentally, it’s the little one you mail out at Christmas) because they were going to be in the office that day. Now I have to stare at that damn circle for the rest of the month. I can add that information to outlook and ISN’T TECHNOLOGY THE SHIT?! But no. Now the 24th of February is circled for no reason other than that annoying co-working thought they had a right to circle that date. Now when I look at your smiling face I am also filled with calendar-rage. It’s a really good thing co-worker is actually former co-worker because she drives me bat-shit crazy.

  6. I actually have names for some of these: Meanderthals: those who walk aimlessly; blinkards: those who refuse to turn off their turn signals after changing lanes or making a turn.

  7. What is the correct way to pronounce realtor?

  8. People who cough aloud incessantly or without covering their mouths. UGHHHHH. I can’t even handle a smoker’s cough. Or the flu. Or bronchitis. If you have a fucking cough, lock yourself in a goddamn soundproof vault until it’s over.

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