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The School Factor (AKA: This took me HOURS)

Obviously, if you are thinking of moving soon and you have kids, there is more on your mind than just how many bedrooms are needed in the new house. You are also looking for a safe and fun neighborhood that they will love to grow up in. You want parks nearby and a family atmosphere. You want a backyard they can run around in and a garage for their bikes. Maybe most of all you want great schools for them to attend. And somewhere there, in the back of your mind, you’re worried about the timing of them moving to a new school. Of course, you can technically enroll a kid at almost any time of the year (I began first grade here in Mesa at Jordan Elementary School two weeks after the fall semester had started because we were still finishing up our move back to Arizona from Illinois), but many people think of the summer as a perfect time to make a change so their kids can have a seamless transition into their new school. If this is your line of thinking, I have some information for you. I’ve done a bit of research and put together a list of the High School and Unified School Districts in the Phoenix metro area and their corresponding Fall Semester 2005 start dates. If you are unsure about which district you’re looking for a home in, please contact me and I will consult my map of School District Zones and get back to you.

Glendale Union High School District – August 8
Tempe Union High School District – August 8
Tolleson Union High School District – August 8
Phoenix Union High School District – August 8
Agua Fria Union High School – August 8
Mesa Public Schools – August 15
Peoria Unified School District – August 9
Gilbert Public Schools – August 10
Apache Junction Unified School District – August 10
Scottsdale Unified School District – August 22
Higley Unified School District – August 8
Paradise Valley Unified School District – August 15
Chandler Unified School District – July 26
Dysart Unified School District – August 8
Cave Creek Unified School District – August 11
Queen Creek Unified School District – July 26
Deer Valley Unified School District – August 15
Fountain Hills Unified School District – August 8
Phoenix Elementary School District – August 2

As you can see, most of the schools in the Phoenix area start about mid-August and some are as early as late July. That means, that when you factor in an escrow period of at least 30 days, NOW is a good time to buy in order to leave yourself enough time to get settled into your new house and still have your kids start school with the rest of the class. So give me a call and let’s go find that perfect house!

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