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The Last Few Days (A Photo Montage)

This guy tried to scare me to death when I was putting towels away Monday night:


These arrived on my doorstep yesterday (The delivery man said, “They must be from your lover, they’re the lover’s bouquet.” I said, “Oh no! What will my husband think?!” Just kidding, babe.):


These are some of the so far unused ingredients to the romantic gourmet meal I had planned for Valentine’s Day (felled by yet another debilitating round of THE FLU):


This is the shape my living room is currently in, thanks to the mingling of sickness and holiday:


2 Responses to The Last Few Days (A Photo Montage)

  1. OMG! That scorpion is HUGE! And the flowers are gorgeous!

  2. I remember when a scorpion 1/4 that size woud have (and did) send you running from the house with your children in your arms. :-)

    I hope everyone is getting better at the House of Illness.


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