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The Big Picture

OK, let’s take a second to reflect: Today it was 77 degrees in sunny Phoenix. I wore a tank top. Ben went swimming at the hotel pool with his grandma who’s in town visiting. This weekend I switched out our down comforter for a light ‘summer’ sleeping blanket. I was thinking it’s time I put away my tall boots; it’s gotten to be a bit inappropriate to wear them.

Now let’s think about the New Englanders. TWENTY-SEVEN INCHES OF SNOW IN CENTRAL PARK?! REALLY? So why is living in New York so awesome? I’m completely missing it. Ah well, I can’t be bothered with such confusing logic. I have pool sides to languish beside and margaritas to drink.

Say it with me people, “I LOVE LIVING IN ARIZONA!”

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  1. We had an absolutely gorgeous day here too!! Roughly about the same (maybe a few degrees cooler with a breeze) weather.. LOVED IT! hehe. I’ll be channeling it next week when we’re looking out the window at clouds and rain..

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