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The Apple and The Tree

What in the hell is wrong with this child? I cleaned off this entire desk just a month ago! And I even created a system for where he should keep his stuff and what belongs on his desk and what does not! Is that a permission form I should have signed sitting right there on his desk???? I never saw that! Seriously, his Easter basket? What on Earth could that possibly need to be taking up space on his desk for? How can he work? How can he find anything? He. Is. So. Grounded. Where could he possibly have learned this?



Right. So what I meant to say was, life is really a learning process. Some lessons take more than once to really stick to your brain. Plus, we all work in different manners. Maybe he has his own system that is totally working for him. Possibly his priorities do not dictate that organization and cleanliness come before other, more fulfilling experiences. Maybe I should just remind him in a nurturing manner. Or something like that.

6 Responses to The Apple and The Tree

  1. Oh thank god. It’s not just my house.

  2. Dude, who’s house is that?

    It looks totally different in pictures than in real life. I hope you’re right about Bennett’s system ‘working’ for him…

  3. Kinda like watching those videos of people yelling at their kids and saying. “Oh, I’d NEVER behave that way”, huh Jason? 🙂

  4. My wife likes to get over and read some of your stuff. Im not telling her about this one though because dont want her to throw out… but we are not the only ones with the house like that

  5. But at least you had In and Out today 🙂

  6. Wasn’t there a story a few years back about Einstein’s house being a complete mess and how there is a theory that spacial disorganization leads to higher creativity?

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