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The Anti-Arizona

We are back! We spent a long weekend in Portland, Oregon visiting family, but we are officially back in the land of hot and dry. Portland’s constant rain and unnatural greenery was quite a change for those of us who are used to life in a more sepia tone out here in the desert. However, it was a fun a gorgeous trip. The in-laws spoiled and entertained us silly. We shopped, ate, wine tasted, visited giant mutant fish and even snuck in a quick trip to the ER (don’t worry, everyone’s fine, we just couldn’t get a pediatrician to see Gray for the ear infection he had crop up again).

Here is a quick peek at the festivities:






For the full slide show, head here (go go go! I worked really hard on it!).

Anyway, I am back in action here in AZ. I have a full schedule for the week and will keep you updated on life in Phoenix Real Estate!

4 Responses to The Anti-Arizona

  1. you may not want to read this, but the last picture included on your web-page could *totally* be a picture of Mom and Bobby. 🙂


  2. Glad to hear you had a great time! Hope you got the ear infection licked..

  3. such an artistic eye. thanks for a little bit of ‘home.’ 🙂

  4. Looks like fun! I am glad that I was able to get to a computer and view.

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