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Sometimes, You Get an Odd One

Miles Driven: 122
Houses Shown: 9
Doors-to-Nowhere From Which (Presumably) Previous Owners Flung Themselves to the Hard Ground Below Only to Haunt the Property for the Rest of Eternity Viewed: 1

I showed a bucket of houses today. One of the properties was a house my client emailed over a couple of hours before we were going to meet to see another house, so I didn’t have the opportunity to print out the MLS plano. I just pulled it up on my blackberry and met him over there.

It was not the usual house I show, to say the least:

And then there’s the fact that I get a little chicken occasionally. Sometimes I’m stupidly brave. I often show houses to men I’ve never met before and regularly invite strangers into open houses when I’m alone. But when I step into a vacant house with an odd vibe alone, I start to get a bit skittish. I’m a touch paranoid about squatters (and, you know, monsters and ghosts, but that’s a given):

I’m going for the world record in number of times I can say ‘super weird’ and/or ‘super creepy’ in a video here:

Once I get that scary, creeped out feeling, it sticks with me. After wandering in this house alone for about 10 minutes, I walked out to my car and accidently hit the panic button, causing the GOV to freakout and honk and flash lights, and me to scream bloody murder like a little girl. I’m so professional, I know, you’re jealous.

10 Responses to Sometimes, You Get an Odd One

  1. Ok, I’m thinking this is a cool house…. man wish we could sell our house and go to that one! I guess I like doors to no-where! LOL

  2. OMG. How you could stand that long enough to do the darned video I don’t even KNOW. I was creeped out and I was just watching the video!

  3. Paula, I think it’s actually a really good deal. $325K for 3100+ sqft and 1.4 acres in Gilbert? If I had $400K, I would buy it, finish it, landscape and build a barn and turn it around for $600k. 🙂

    Amanda, I actually was kind of afraid to go back in and do the video, I swear!

  4. OK, for real, that’s like the Winchester Mystery House of AZ.

  5. Oh that creepy feeling totally sticks. You are VERY brave to go back for video!!! I won’t go in this one house in Buckeye unless someone else is with me. 1st time I went I was convinced there was someone upstairs, ran out of there pretty quick!

  6. Bizarre. Those videos were great. Btw, will call you tomorrow. Didn’t get a chance to today.

  7. Please don’t make me inspect that!!! LOL.. actually it looked pretty good for the price! My kids would LOVE that playhouse once I installed the flat screen and refrigerator! Can I borrow about 300K from you? 🙂

  8. Alright that is just weird…it so does not fit here in the Valley. It’s like a house in N. Scottsdale where we used to live around Cactus and 96th Street….eerie feeling, way out of place, just wigged us out every time we would go for walks by it.

    ~daddy b

  9. I was gonig to say, that it’s like the Winchester House, but Amanda beat me to it. But I thought it was in CA. Laura and I toured it, and for real, doors to nowhere because a fortune teller told the widow to never stop building.

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