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Yesterday was our Century 21 Arizona Foothills Yearly Awards Banquet and I’m happy to tell you that I managed to take home a little bit of bling (is glass ‘bling’? Because maybe I just used it incorrectly, I so am not down with the hip hop slang, dawg):


There are nine offices in my 500+ agent company and each office gave out a ‘Rookie of the Year’ award and an ‘MVP’ award. I received the Ray Road 2005 MVP award, and I’m very proud to say it was in part, at least, because of this site. My manager mentioned in his speech that I have a “blog” (he didn’t actually use air-quotes, but you could practically see them in his tone of voice) and that the company’s broker, Floyd Scott, really thinks it is a technologically savvy approach to marketing (yes, I’m paraphrasing, but that’s totally what he was thinking). So there you go. You, my lovely and loyal readers can pat yourselves on the back for helping me win my pretty glassy award.

I have to admit that when I went up to accept my award, I had a small bout with a thing we like to call in my family ‘Social Anxiety Disorder.’ As soon as I could tell my manager was talking about me, I started to tremble (yep, tremble’s the best word to describe it, even my hair trembled) and decided the best idea would be to coolly take a sip of my water, which, in my trembling hand shook like that puddle in Jurassic Park and everyone at my table, who were looking at me because they also knew my manager was talking about me, immediately began to giggle about my earthquake hands. That was when, according to Darren, sitting behind me, I went white as a sheet and he was afraid I was going to puke on everyone around me. Thanks, Darren. That completely restores my confidence and makes me feel better about the entire experience.

I’m telling you, it’s genetic and I can’t do anything about it. Ask my sister and brother, they totally have Social Anxiety Disorder too. My sister once gave a presentation to her graduate studies class with her skirt tucked into her underwear (which, incidentally totally matched her shirt), but that’s her story and I should really let her tell it.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure my nervousness came from being presented with a room full of these amazingly successful real estate agents. I had just sat through two hours of awards to people like Jason and Kala Laos. Jason and Kala have only been in the biz a couple more years than I have, are ridiculously successful, AND just had a baby like six months ago. And she had the gall to show up looking totally stunning in an all white pantsuit to accept her umpteen achievement awards. It’s a little intimidating, is all I’m saying. And, you know, totally inspiring.

So, I guess my point is, I’m SO THERE. Next year. I’m kicking some bootie, and I’m totally going to get the social anxiety thing under control. I swear.

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  1. Congratulations! You’ve always been my MVR (MV Realtor). I’m glad your company now recognizes it.

    I’m also happy to know that I contributed to your success in two ways. First, by being a regular reader (and sometime proof-reader) of your blog. Second, in being the genetic source of the SAD affliction that each of you bravely struggles with. You come by it honestly. 🙂


  2. CONGRATULATIONS! (that was in all caps so you would know i was yelling it.) i too am happy that i could contribute to your success by spending atleast part of my daily workday reading your blog.

    here are a couple tips for you to work on next year; 1) don’t ever try to speak ‘hip-hop’ slang again…doesn’t work for you. 2) do not tell embarrassing stories about your loyal readers…it could result in a loss of said loyal readers.

  3. CONGRATS!!! YEAH!!!

    Underware is good, but how about putting on your long dangling earrings with your hot ensemble today only to realize in the middle of a meeting that there was another earing hanging off the bottom of said earring. And that earring has attached itself to your jacket, making it impossible to move your head? I AM SO COOL.

  4. I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!! This really was just such a perfect career change. You rock!

  5. WOO! Good for you! Yeah for the bling..

  6. hooray!!! i am so proud of you! 🙂

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