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Regarding the proper application of sunscreen…

Just getting sunscreen in the general area, isn’t always enough to ensure resistance to flaming painful skin. (That’s my brother, Bobby.)

But then again, it’s better than a total lack of sunscreen.

(These are Jason’s legs a full five days after the sea kayaking incident that led to the brightest fuchsia legs I’ve ever seen.)

3 Responses to Regarding the proper application of sunscreen…

  1. Bobby’s back looks hilarious. You would think in family of swimmers someone would have gotten the sunscreen thing down 😉 Hope he’s not in too much pain – any of you for that matter.
    And Jason has nice feet…especially since they are on a man.

  2. OH MY!!!! I just had pasta come out my nose when I opened up your page. I really do hope that they both heel nicely, I just think that it is quite hilarious to see what they did to themselves. SPF 60 people!

  3. I always say that a blog can never show too much skin..

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