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New Listing Video

I signed a new listing yesterday that will go live on the Multiple Listing System tomorrow. I decided to try out the new Flip camera to enhance my listing on the MLS and (and of course

The house is adorable, and therefore, the perfect first subject. I, however, went in without a script or any video experience or knowledge and therefore would be happy to receive any advice or criticism. Video has recently become so accessible and user-friendly that I don’t doubt it will quickly become standard fare for showcasing listings. At the moment, however, it is a unique upgrade and I would like hone it as a skill before the rest of the crowd does.

Here is my maiden voyage on the sea of video (come back tomorrow for the rest of the listing info):

One Response to New Listing Video

  1. Just to start the criticism:

    I should have closed the blinds. The bright light is disconcerting.

    I forgot to show the pantry in the kitchen. Boo.

    I haven’t really figured out how to show the whole room.

    It’s too long. I think 2 mins would be more watchable.

    I should write out an exact script before doing it.

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