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New Feature!

My super fabulous and amazing web designer (who also happens to be my yard guy, bug killer, babysitter and sometimes even my personal chef) has completed a new feature you can expect to see on a regular basis on my site. He worked very hard on it, so take a quick peek to your right and help us test it by voting on just how cool he is (it’s good for his ego and gets work done on my site!). Also, if you have a poll you’d like to see results to feel free to email me your questions!

4 Responses to New Feature!

  1. Wow, I get to be the first to comment on this one.
    What a great feature, I love the user interaction, and a reason to come back and check out the results.

    What a great husband you have. Soo nice of him to put this web site together for you. It looks awesome. OH, and it is nice to see so many apple products on that desk, I just wish I could have been included in the poll instead of that crazy guy Gates. Apple is just far superior over that Micro company.

  2. Cooler than the Fonz? Nobody is cooler than the Fonz. But this guy is too cool for school.

  3. Jason – You might be cooler than Peter but not Greg.

  4. Elizabeth, you both are too cool for words. Love you both.

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