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National Clean Under Your Couch Day

I read somewhere (maybe here) that one of the things you should do before you die is create a holiday. I reserve the right to make up several others later, but I’ve decided to do my first one today:

December 6th, I dub thee, National Clean Under Your Couch Day.

I decided today that my living room really needed a good scrub between the cracks before we put up our Christmas tree and start stacking up the gifts. So for the first time in a really long time I moved the couches to vacuum underneath. It was a fairly horrifying experience.

Yep, all of that junk was under my couch. If your couch is even a quarter as disgusting underneath, it’s probably worth it to get under there. So go home tonight and celebrate my new holiday. You’ll sleep better at night.

3 Responses to National Clean Under Your Couch Day

  1. At least I don’t see any food under there, or dead birds.


  2. Be glad you don’t have a dog..otherwise add piles of tangled hair balls to that mess.. Yay for cleaning!

  3. I did this yesterday with you in mind, btw. I took a photo, but it is useless. The dust bunnies were disgusting and I am literally breathing easier now.

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