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My Little Halloweenies

Did you have a spooky night last night with the ghosts and goblins? Ours was fun and adventure-filled!

Gray was a clown (because his only addition to the costume brainstorming was that he wanted a balloon):


(Have you ever seen a more mischievous clown? I can just see the little wheels turning in his head…)

Ben was a dragon. Sadly this costume is the emergency back-up dragon costume, instead of the mommy-sewn, specifically blue and silver, both with horns and wings costume that is still in 8 bazillion pieces on my sewing table. Ben has been saying for over a month that he wanted to be Fire Drake, who is the main dragon character in a book he recently read. Unfortunately, because of our many ridiculous plans already in place for the month of October, I put off going to the fabric store to create this costume until the Wednesday before Halloween. By 8:30 PM Monday I had been working on the thing for 6 hours straight and the tail spikes were giving me utter fits. I could tell that even if I sewed through the night and into the next day, it wouldn’t have been done in time for his party at 3 PM. BAD MOM. Thus, we pulled out the emergency back-up costume (which belongs to Ben’s Uncle Sean).



But Ben had fun and I still do plan on finishing Fire Drake (might as well, huh?).

Sweet Catalina is the third Munchkin in these pictures (Gray’s birthday twin). She’s a turtle (and practically a head taller than Gray!).

I like to think in this photo that they’re playing Rock Paper Scissors to see who gets to torture her little sister, Ava, next:


3 Responses to My Little Halloweenies

  1. NO-LONGER-A-BABY alert!

    Ben is starting to look like a boy in school, not an infant! Seriously, he looks about 10 in that dragon costume in the second picture.

    Oh, and in the third picture, Gray is trying to decide if he can get away with punching Catalina. 🙂

    Great pictures.


  2. I just adore your children. Truly. They are the sweetest little ones. And Catalina (Teenage Mutant Merrill) is pretty darn high on my list too.

  3. So glad to see some pics!! And OMG Ben is HUGE! He just suddenly turned into a big kid. Love them!!

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