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My Latest Obsession

Alright, so I’ve finished ‘the bag’, as it’s come to be called in our house. As in, “Honey, can you give the boys a bath so I can just finish this bit of top-stitching on ‘the bag’?” or “I hope ‘the bag’ is going to be finished soon and the dining room table cleared of the chaos that now exists on it, or I will have to kill you in your sleep.”

I feel like I now own sewing with a pattern as a skill. It was totally confusing at first, but I’ve learned a lot and I’m totally hooked. I saw a bag in a cart at the grocery store this morning and I’m already planning my own pirated version to give as Christmas gifts.

Anyway, though I am happy with how the bag turned out in general, it has some major flaws. Sure, laying on my floor all poised and posed, it looks fab:

Unfortunately, its fatal flaw appears when you actually try to carry anything in it. Then it gets all smushy and shapeless. I took it to the fabric store and they diagnosed the problem as a severe lack of interfacing. So in the version 2.0 I will be working on soon for my backtacking buddy, I will make sure to remedy this problem.

Sewing is fun!

4 Responses to My Latest Obsession

  1. Your bag looks great. I suspect if it was used as a book bag, ‘smushy and shapeless’ wouldn’t be a problem 🙂

    I’ve yet to start on my project, but I suspect my dining table will also be covered with versions 1.0, 2.0 and probably 3.0.

  2. You’ve made me so proud. And envious. I am absolutely positive I wouldn’t know how to tackle that pattern.

  3. And can I have two poll votes? Because I’d vote for mashed potatoes on top of my pumpkin pie. Too close to pick one.

  4. There are 3 or 4 different weights of interfacing as well as iron on versus sewn-in. Be sure to get at least the medium one and do the iron on type- start in the center and work outwards when you iron. Usually the pattern will call for interfacing if the bag is meant to have some stiffness.

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