The highs and lows of parenting and real estate.

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  1. I don’t have tips for you – we have a great agent. Not having enough money is the most frustrating thing and there’s nothing you can do about that. 🙂

    Wanted to tell you that you did a great job for your first vlog!

  2. Very well done! Love how cute you look today. 🙂 (seriously, what’s different about your hair?) And your sweet blinds. I covet them.

    What you could do to make this process more pleasant for me: yeah, I got nothing. I’m under by tens of thousands, so I’m not giving you any business soon. (although, you know I try to send other people’s business your way all the time because you did such an awesome job for us!). Boo on not being able to get out of my current house! I need MORE ROOM. (Ok, not necessarily more in general, just more in the garage and kitchen. and a pool.)

  3. You certainly made it easier for me when you found my tweet yesterday morning (this is @moviemuse). As a first time home seller, just figuring out how to get started with finding a great agent to list our house was really stressing me out, since having an outstanding realtor for selling seems much more “critical” than having a great realtor for buying (to me, at least). Thanks to you, I now have a great one! I really do appreciate it. Now that we have someone to guide us through the process, I feel much more relaxed. Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part.

  4. Erin, I’m so glad I could help! I love little connections like that, twitter is the best!

  5. When I bought my house 2 years ago, I was terribly nervous about finding a real estate agent I could be honest with and TRUST! I was so sad that you weren’t in IL to help me, though I’m grateful you took so many of my calls to re-explain things and tell me when something was bogus. I didn’t know my agent and had no rapport with her. It means a lot to me when I feel comfortable and somewhat connected to someone, so that would have helped for me. And of course like the other reader commented, having the money to easily cover the unforseen expenses and buy all the house I wanted to would have made the stressful pieces so much more bearable.
    As for suggestions, it would have been awesome to find a place online where all of the little things about hoem buying were listed so that I didn’t feel blindsighted when the loan officers needs every number of this and that from now back until the mezozoic era. I think it’s the tiny things adding up that create the stress. You do what everyone tells you and they just reply with thanks, but now do this. It feels like jumping through hoops. If the hoops were defined prior to beginning the process I would have known what to expect.
    Maybe that’s not possible though and buying your first home might be like becoming a parent – no manual, just gotta live it to learn it?

  6. And I liked the Vlog 🙂

  7. I love how you are using technology to stay ahead in your business.

  8. I think.. in my own opinion (and this is learned from watching way too much HGtv and all the home-buying shows on there).. that most people bring on much of their own stress with buying a home. And it’s understandable.. because from what I’ve seen it’s “If we’re going to be taking on a huge mortgage, we just want our dream home”. And I know we were like that with our second home. With our first home, we spend $135k, which we knew was a low-end mortgage. Our payment was just about $1100 and we knew, since that was roughly what our rent was.. that that was cheap. (At the time). Our second home was bought after home prices skyrocketed and it was INFURIATING that we were spending close to $300k and yet we were not getting anything close to what we felt was worth that. People, especially those in a first time home-buying situation (and by that I mean NOT in a sales office for a new build) tend to have fantastic expectations in terms of neighborhood, amenities, upgrades, zip codes, etc.. At least from what I’ve seen. I recognized our own behavior in many of these shows that I watch and have seriously vowed to not do that stuff again. lol. I think thats why I’ve been so insistent on keeping up on the market so I know when I come to the table with my allotted mortgage approval, I have a good idea of what I can expect for my $$. I love this idea by the way! What a great way to reach new clients too btw-

  9. Oh! One thing I can definitely think of for realtors to do in general. Be up front about what kind of costs one can expect to come out of pocket. Because we’d bought our first house with a new build and awesome incentives, we paid about $150 out of pocket. So when we went resale, we were woefully ill-prepared for the type of money we were talking on a $285k mortgage. And we’d put in TWO offers before she told us about it. It was like “okay, if they accept this you’ll need about $6000 in earnest….” and we were like “wait, what?”. We had all this cash coming from our first house sale but obviously we didn’t have it yet! We actually decided that day to go with an apartment instead and even put a deposit down because we were so soured. Chris’ parents talked us down from the edge though but I still wish we’d found a new agent to work with. It just seems like if you have a buyer who’s never bought resale, there are details they probably don’t know. Seems at least like the thing to do to point them in the right direction for finding out. You know?

  10. I like the vlog! its nice to know that people are now using and searching for technology that can help in promoting the business. I agree, twitter is one of the many helpful ways t promote!

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