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Knitting This, Organizing That

I’ve been meaning to post pictures of some of my more recent knitting projects. I think the cold snap out here has kicked my hobby into high gear. Too bad my desire for woolen creations will be gone with the chill in about two weeks. But until then, Jason has a new hat:


This was his Christmas present that didn’t get finished until slightly post-Christmas. And hey, it’s reversible:


I also tried my hand at cables and came up with this hat for myself:

cabled beanie.jpg

I love it, but I think I’m going to also do one in a more solid color so the cables stand out better.

Lastly, I went to a baby shower this weekend and attempted my first ‘sock’ pattern to take as a gift. Of course it was way more complicated and time consuming than I thought tiny baby sockies could possibly be, so I only have one done:


It will also have to be delivered slightly late (luckily the babe is still tucked away in the womb so he is not yet missing it.)

In other news, we have begun our kitchen remodel. A couple of weeks ago our horrid old dishwasher died and we were forced to buy a replacement. Since we were buying a dishwasher, we figured we might as well bite the bullet and replace the oven/range as well (Spencer’s gave us a discount). Sadly, though we love our new appliances, they have really shined a spotlight on the shoddiness of the rest of the kitchen, thereby prompting us to head over to IKEA and purchase our new cabinets. We haven’t begun ripping out our installing the new cabinets yet, but Jason did take a minute this weekend to put together our new freestanding pantry so that we could get all of the crud off the counters that’s been living there for lack of enough cabinet space. Check it out:


SO SO much extra space:


Oh my goodness I am going to love my new kitchen so much I’ll never want to move!

11 Responses to Knitting This, Organizing That

  1. Hey! That pantry is fantastic. And will you please teach me how to make that cable hat? I really want to make a couple.

  2. That is one awesome hat! I LOVE it, keeps my ears nice and warm.

  3. One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of water bottles at the Newlin house!


  4. I love that cabinet! It’s great! Also love the hats!

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  6. I love the cabinets! Very awesome. Have you decided what kind of flooring you want in your kitchen? Are you going to continue what you have in the family room? Am I getting ahead of you?

  7. Congrats on the double-knit hat – It came out beautifully! I used the same colors for the one I made for Bubba. He lurves it and wears it all winter long. And, isn’t double-knitting so efficient? Two hats at once? Kick ass.

    Nice cable work, too – I just got into cabling and I’m totally addicted. There’s a scarf in One Skein Wonder that I’m going to post on shortly – it’s coming out so nice because of the cable in the pattern.

    If you need a shoulder to cry on during your kitchen remodel, let me know. We did ours last winter and there were a lot of bad words.

  8. you should see how cute the baby hat is! cant wait to see the pair of socks!!

    thanks mini!

  9. Hey!! I cannot WAIT to see pics of the bash and all your Bond outfits!

  10. I love the socks!

  11. missing you on here! (like I’m one to talk right?;))
    got any pics of the bond party? more kitchen? kids?

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