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I Don't Want To Be Goo

The NAR (National Association of Realtors) conference is being held in New Orleans this year in November. Someone (I think it was Sage over at AAR) tweeted last week about a video contest to win a free, all-expenses paid trip to “NARdigras”. And, well, I can’t resist an opportunity to act like a dork on video plus I think it would be a really fun conference, so of course I made my own ‘Why you should give me a free trip to New Orleans, pretty please’ video.

It took me all damn day to write the thing, memorize the script, film it and then edit it, but I’m glad I did it. It was a fun learning experience. Mostly I learned that I’m a terrible actress and I need better video editing software.

Come back here Thursday for more fun with video. I have a special video tour I did this weekend of a property in the running for my top five grossest and most disturbing showings ever.

8 Responses to I Don't Want To Be Goo

  1. I actually laughed out loud when you showed the clip of you falling into the wall while filming. Outstanding!

  2. Hell, I’d hire you based on this. Of course I need to hit the lotto to buy a third house, or find the perfect buying willing to grossly overpay in the Tuscon market.

  3. Thanks, Dad. 😀

    Thanks Will! Sorry about your Tucson house. 🙁

  4. I laughed when you fell too. Not AT you, mind you. ha!

  5. I love your necklace too. 🙂

  6. Great blog & videos, Elizabeth. I’ve been meaning to start incorporating some videos into my repertoire in San Francisco. What sort of equipment are you using? A Webcam and some basic video editing software?

  7. Thanks for the read, Eileen. I used a Flip video camera (I just have the regular, not the HD) and have been using mostly the video editing software that comes with the Flip, although for this I used the MediaShow stuff that came on my laptop. My techie husband is looking for better software for me. Good luck to you!

  8. I am totally voting for you Elizabeth!!! Nar’leans or BUST!

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