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Homophobic? Or I’m Just a Loon? The Latter.

I was on the couch with a glass of wine under a fuzzy blanket watching Glee last Tuesday night. I was, of course, enraptured as always when Glee is on (except when they try to have Rachel sing sexy Britney Spears songs. That girl’s got some serious pipes but man is she utterly devoid of sex appeal. Santana would have been the smart choice).

Jason was in the kitchen behind me (we have a greatroom home) washing dishes (I like to pretend he’s my manservant sometimes). I assumed he was also enthralled. He’s not a rabid Glee fan like I am, but he almost always watches with me. He also puts up with the fact that I occasionally sing along and often weep.

If you watch Glee you know that last week Kurt and Blaine totally kissed for the first time and it was adorable. If you don’t watch Glee: Kurt (a boy) and Blaine (another boy) totally kissed for the first time last week. It was adorable. And super hot (they’re both very cute, but Blaine is especially attractive. Stop judging me. He’s not in high school in real life.).

Anyway, as this was happening on the TV, this is what was happening in my greatroom:

Me – EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…. (noise trails off as pitch becomes too high for humans to hear. Coyotes in the desert begin to chime in from outside).

Jason – AUGH, ew, bleh (among other noises of disgust).

I paused my show and turned around in shock at his insensitivity to non-heterosexual lifestyles. My god, did I really marry a neanderthal who thinks it’s totally grody when two guys kiss? I knew the man wasn’t bisexual or anything, but I thought he was evolved enough to respect and admire love and romance in whatever form it takes. What a pig!

And boy, oh boy was I ready to impart all of this wisdom to him in a screechy rant.

But when I turned around he wasn’t even looking at the TV. He was hunched over a box of chocolates examining one he’d just bitten in half. It had strawberry creme in the middle. He hates strawberry creme.

Me – I totally thought you just got grossed out over Blaine and Kurt kissing. I unfairly judged you.

Jason – Oh they kissed? No, this chocolate was disgusting.

Me – So it’s ok if I rewind and watch the kiss again three times in a row?

Jason – Whatever floats your boat, Babe.

Me I love you. Can you bring me more wine?

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  1. I admit that I totally screeched when I saw them kiss because, as a woman of a certain generation, I love me some gay romance. Also, Blaine IS super hot and I don’t feel bad about that at all. (OK, maybe a little, but the fact that you think he’s hot too makes me feel better about it.)

  2. I love Jason too. šŸ™‚
    And I thought it was totally the sweetest because Kurt’s only been in love with him FOREVER. I just didn’t think Blaine falling for him when he hadn’t even noticed him at ALL in that way before was a tad unbelievable.

  3. Oh my word this post could be like word for word how it went down at our house last week except my Jas was not doing dishes (bad manservant) and I don’t do wine…I did squeal and clap over my diet dr pepper though…

  4. I must admit it was one of the hottest male to male kisses I have seen. It was so tatally comfortable.

  5. …and that is totally.

  6. Ewwwwwwwwww, blech, blech.

    That is directed at Glee as a show, rather than the aforementioned totally hot guy-on-guy action. I don’t heart Glee. #lotsOfUnrealizedPotential

  7. OH MY GOD … I watched that part 3 times. It was so f’ing good. Chris Colfer (the guy who plays Kurt) was PERFECT. What an incredible actor. The other guy was average. WOW.

  8. OH MY GOD … I watched that part 3 times. It was so f’ing good. Chris Colfer (the guy who plays Kurt) was PERFECT. What an incredible actor. The other guy was average. WOWEE.

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