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Hectic in the House

Well if you expected anything except utter chaos here, you obviously don’t know me very well. I’m currently in the raining and pouring stage of the year, apparently. Check out this basic run down of the week:

1. I made an offer on a condo for a client I’ve been working with for a month or so, last week. It was accepted and we are now in the inspection phase.

2. Gray had tubes put in his ears on Tuesday. We saw an ear, nose and throat specialist a couple of weeks ago about his chronic ear infections and the doctor did a test that determined there is fluid trapped behind his ear drums and that is why he keeps getting the ear infections. He will grow out of it eventually, but until then, we decided tubes are a better option than antibiotic after antibiotic. The surgery went really well and Gray was a peach. I was a little scared when they took him away to put him under, but it took literally less than 10 minutes and then we were back to see him and he was great. So I’m hoping the Newlin house is headed for healthiness.

3. I have two all-day showing appointments in the next two days. I have a client coming in from Chicago to look at second homes with a pool in Chandler and Gilbert tomorrow and another in from Indiana (job transfer) to look at houses with 3-car garages and good schools in Chandler and Gilbert. I’m excited for both appointments. The pictures of the listings we’ve narrowed the list down to are gorgeous. I will take some of my own to share here, too.

4. I took a new listing yesterday! Until Monday, it’s an exclusive. Monday (when the mom gets in from out of town) it will go up on the MLS. It’s in Chandler at Alma School and Warner and is just over 1700 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths and a loft. It also comes with the fridge and a heated spa out back. Check out the pictures:







Contact me if you think you might be interested!

4 Responses to Hectic in the House

  1. What is the listing price Min?

  2. And when built?

  3. Is the baby included?

    Hey, I had tubes as a kid.. HORRIBLE time with ear infections until I was about 11..and my folks finally took me to an ENT…after tubes..NO MORE ear infections.. finally.. good sleep. It was a pretty easy process..the only thing is, and I’m sure they’ve warned super careful around water.. Getting water in your ears while you have tubes can really mess with your sense of balance.. and it’s painful.. Otherwise, good move! He’ll thank you, and you’ll pat yourselves on the back when you realize no more infections..

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