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Holy crap and a half: IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. My new website is done!

I know, you totally thought it would never happen. You were predicting a status change on my facebook account any day now from ‘Married’ to ‘It’s complicated’, and then another in a few months to ‘Single’ while my poor pathetic website languished in 2005-design-land, weren’t you? You have no faith in my dear webmasting husband.

It’s ok. I had my own moments of loss of faith. Sadly, my husband and I both know if I divorced him I’d be screwed. Who on Earth would put up with me if he wasn’t around? I don’t know many men who would work all day on a Saturday and then stay at the office until 2AM finishing up his wife’s new website just because she announced in desperation, “I’m going to tear out all of my hair and eat it if you don’t get it done this weekend. And once I finish mine I will start on yours. In. Your. Sleep.”

But that is all in the past! It’s done and it’s glorious. Yes, yes, there’s still some features forthcoming. We’re going to beef up the MLS search and add a mortgage calculator. And I’m sure there will be some tweaks here and there in the upcoming weeks (months, years). Whatever. Right now I’m basking in the beautiful glow. He’s soo talented, doncha think? *Preening*

To celebrate the new look, name and function here at Real Estate Tangent I’m doing a contest/giveaway! The winner will receive a $25 gift card to Paradise Bakery (my favorite wifi/writing/gaining 10lbs eating lemon cookies and tomato soup spot) and a Real Estate Tangent t-shirt.

There are four ways to enter:

1. Comment on this post.

2. Like the new Real Estate Tangent Facebook fan page.

3. Comment on this post on facebook.

4. Retweet this post on twitter.

Every person gets one entry. If I have more than 50 people enter, I will pick two winners (and an additional winner for every additional 50 people, she said, wildly optimistically). Tell your friends, People, this is some good shit. Free cookies and sammies and whatnot. And a t-shirt you could totally wear to workout in.

Please tell me what you love, don’t get and/or would change about the new site. I’d love your feedback. Happy New Website day to you too!!

40 Responses to HAPPY NEW WEBSITE DAY!!

  1. Awesome re-design Elizabeth! I will be spreading the word, even though I don’t think you need it!!

  2. Happy dance for Christmas miracles–it does have a nice glow to bask in.

  3. Holy quacamole! LOVE IT! Soooo jealous! Congrats on the excellent redesign!

  4. I <3 the new design. Jason is a Master.

  5. Congrats on the new website. Whoohoo!

  6. Great new design! It’s so bright and happy! 🙂 Congrats

  7. Congrats! Hope this new site brings nothing but good things for you!

  8. “It’s a Christmas miracle” is one of my favorite phrases. I totally used it in August in reference to a pizza coming out accidentally perfect or something.

    Anyway everything looks really good and is functional, so good for Jason! 😉

  9. Love the new website!

  10. LOVE it! Nice new home for a brilliant blog. Major props to Jason for the stellar work.

  11. Excellent work Jason and Elizabeth! The About Page is great and too funny! While I love me some Paradise Bakery chocolate chip cookies, don’t count me in the competition. 🙂 Speaking of cookies and referencing your love of bacon…I saw bacon chocolate chip cookies on food network this weekend. Those might pair well with Pinot Grigio; just sayin’.

  12. YEAH NEW WEBSITE DAT! My favorite day of the year!

  13. I LOVE IT!!! And I want one – well with videos instead but pretty much I want to shamelessly copy this website…it’s awesome 🙂

    Now let’s go eat cookies!

  14. I assume you are aware of AZ Dept of Real Estate regulation 1265.19733-782484-A that states the designated broker of your agency must be provided an XL t-shirt within 3 days of printing.

    Be compliant.

    Site looks great Elizabeth (and Jason)!

    • Thanks Jay, so glad it’s finally done. OH, and I was looking for a similar regulation were the web designer gets a shirt too, just sayin.

  15. Great work! (And, of course I’ll leave a common. Did someone say Paradise Bakery lemon cookies? Those are the magic words!) ~Dee

  16. Congrats Elizabeth! Simple, neat & clean…I like it!Hummm….maybe I will have to ask my awesome broker (aka web designer) to update mine!

  17. Thanks all! and thanks for reading!

    Alyssa, I would so eat those cookies. I need to look up that recipe. and the rules state that if you comment you’re entered! I can’t help the rules. You’ll have to take your chances.

    As will the esteemed Mr. Broker. Unless he wants a size medium shirt and I can take a picture of him in it to post on here.

  18. Huh. I have no picture on the comments on my own site. That will have to be remedied. Lame.

  19. Nicely done, how impartial is this contest going to be? I really like free food and am not afraid to bend the rules a bit to get it.

  20. 1. It took me awhile to figure out that comments are now on the left instead of the bottom, still working on how to figure out a FB like from work..
    3. Website looks great, can’t wait for the Mortgage Calc!

  21. The website looks great but can we really talk about how much I want that house in Arcadia?! Thanks for taunting me with the awesome pics. If only my bank account would suddenly multiply (and multiply again, like Gremlins).

  22. It sure is bright.

  23. Happy New Website Day! Good for your hubby for hanging in there!

  24. Two words (for now) LOVE! IT!

  25. Elizabeth,
    What a great site! I love the personality the content demonstrates – cute and fun – your designer did a great job too.

  26. Great new site!

  27. Awaiting moderation? How dare you. And I even nominated it for an award.

  28. So… how DO you qualify for a picture in your comment thingy?

  29. Very cool! Love the new design! And please.. consider me entered into that contest! Love me some Paradise Bakery!

  30. Pick me Pickme!!

  31. Congratulations. I like the website. I’m Amanda Nemec’s friend. Will investigate some more… :o)

  32. yay for new website!! oh happy day!! celebrate with a lemon cookie!

  33. Hello,
    I got your website from Ryan and Amanda Nemec. I work with Ryan as a firefighter. My reason for contact is that im currently exploring a new business opportunity. My end of the business is new home builder warranty administration. Basically, I would manage the expectations from both builders and buyers. I’m wondering if you gave any contacts in the new home construction field. If so, this would be a great benefit to myself, and could eventually lead to a finders fee for you and your company for assisting me with locating, contacting, and setting up my business. Please feel free to email me or call me at anytime for an immediate response.
    Thank you,
    Nick Hansen

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