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Happy 4th!!

I hope you are all having a fabulous holiday and getting ready to enjoy some spectacular fireworks.

Just a quick update about life here in Newlinville:

My Tempe clients didn’t get the house that was in bankruptcy that we put an offer on last weekend. I guess it wasn’t fate after all. However, we are over it and have moved on. It was a risky deal anyway. Saturday this weekend we saw four more houses and made another offer on one. Sunday morning we found out we didn’t get that one either.

In case you’re keeping track, that was our fourth offer on a house for these clients. I know it sounds like we’re doing something wrong here; not offering enough, or offering on houses that are already a lost cause, but really, it’s just the downside of the market. Sure, you can sell your house in two days for twice what you bought it for three years ago, but then where will you go? All of the houses you would be looking to buy (in Arizona, at least) are going to be inflated in the pricing just as much as yours is, and not only that, but they will each have 10 other buyers fighting for them. It’s a hard life out there for a buyer.

In any case, Sunday afternoon we scoured Gilbert and Chandler for four bedroom houses again and finally came up with a winner. It’s a lovely home with beautifully upgraded carpet, tile and cabinets. We made another offer and currently have a verbal acceptance in place. Cross your fingers it holds up and we get the paperwork tomorrow.

In other news, last week was my last week at my old job and also my last week of having my kids in daycare/school. It was an emotional time for everyone. I’m looking forward to this new time in my life, home with my kids and doing real estate full-time, but I’m sure it’s going to be an adjustment for everyone. So we’ll just take it one day at a time.

(My going away lunch at DDI)

4 Responses to Happy 4th!!

  1. They all look like they really love you Min. You’ll be missed there I’m sure! Is there a patron saint of real estate? If so, I’ll send good thoughts his way. Keep us updated.

  2. Look how tan you are!

  3. Yeah for change! I think that this is a fabulous choice for you my dear. Congrats!

  4. The same thing happened to us with buying a house..we were turned down twice and found that alot of the other homes we were interested in had several offers on the table. It’s a bittersweet symphony right now. Yes, you can make a ton on your house..but it’ll go down the drain when you buy a new one..IF you can buy a new one.

    Congrats on the big change and best of luck. Chris and I are rooting for you!

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