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Flipping for Houses

I showed a house this evening out in East Mesa. It’s in a lovely neighborhood called Mesquite Canyon, that I have actually sold another house in already. Anyway, it was a floor plan I’ve seen before, but it was more nicely put together, with designer paint, gorgeous, diagonally set tile and an utterly fabulous backyard.

The backyard had several things going for it right off the bat. First off, the lot size is well over 10,000 square feet, which is rare if not practically unheard of these days. Secondly, it’s been professionally landscaped to include both grass and rocks. Third, there is, of course, an awesome built-in barbecue with sink and counter space and everything. But none of these was my favorite part.

This, was my favorite part:


Yep, that is a super cool, totally awesome, in ground trampoline. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see it. I was a gymnast as a kid and it brought back so many fond memories of the gym and all the hours I put in flipping and jumping and twisting around on one of those babies. I literally showed up 15 minutes early just so I could sneak in back and do some flips. Oh man. It was so much fun.

Also, though, kind of sad. I jumped for about 10 minutes and had to stop because I was afraid my chest was going to explode. I actually went inside and stuck my head under the kitchen faucet to get a drink of water because my throat was killing me (don’t worry, the clients I was showing were friends and the house was vacant, so rather than being horrified by my unprofessionalness, I think they were just happy I didn’t wear my old gym leotard). I’m not exactly in what you would call ‘peak’ physical condition. Getting old is a bummer.

Regardless of how much of a wake up call this experience was in terms of my aerobic capabilities, it completely made me determined of one thing: I want one and I want it now. On the way home I called Jason and the conversation went something like this:

Me: So, you know what’s really cool?

Jason: What?

Me: Trampolines… can I have one? Because they are so so awesome. And also, the kids would like it. And I really really really wanted one when I was a kid and one Christmas we even totally thought we were getting one and ended up with a ping pong table, so I was thinking that you could totally repair that hole in my heart, that devastation of my childhood, if you would just let me get one… Please please please please please!

Jason: Babe, I’m pretty sure one wouldn’t fit in our backyard. And also, do you realize that you’re almost 28 and not 10?

Me: No, no I did not, but thank you for reminding me, you big old stick in the mud. Boo.

So I guess I can’t get one just yet. But someday, with the Net as my witness, I will have one of my own. And hopefully before I have to have a hip replaced. I have this feeling I’m going to be feeling those five back flips I did tomorrow. Ow.

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  1. Trampoline!?! Yeah, like we would *ever* have gotten you kids a trampoline. You’d break your necks! Better we should just fill your Chrismas stockings with used hypodermic needles and old razor blades.

    Trampoline. whatever.


  2. Oh man, I am so anti-trampoline. Ever since my accident at Jump in high school I can’t even watch other people on them. And last year my next door neighbor’s kid fell and broke his elbow. The fire dept had to actually cut him out of the netting around the trampoline…

  3. a) GET ONE, GET ONE!
    b) they totally were going to get us a trampoline one christmas, they even measured the backyard…and then christmas morning, we awoke all bleary-eyed and full of anticipation to – a ping pong table. it still hurts me inside a little to think about it.
    c) seriously, get one.

  4. I gotta be devils adovcate. . . Christy and Mark talked about getting one until they found out it like doubles the cost of your home insurance. Too much of a liability. BUT OH SO MUCH FUN.

  5. Ok, I’m with you — get a trampoline. Even if you have to tear down a wall or two to fit it in.

    *Little secret* I bought one for my boyfriend in college and spent WAY more time on it than he did (loser ASS). We even got the dog on there. Friggen awesome!

    Anyway, I’m impressed you can do flips without killing yourself. And for that, I think you deserve an award…perhaps a trampoline of your own with which to wow the wee children?

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