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Crimes of Our Youth

A girlfriend on Facebook posted a picture of her son the other day with the comment that she wanted to explain to his teachers she had not personally picked out his clothes, in fact, she was allowing him to assert his independence by choosing his own attire for the day. I feel her pain.

I would like to develop a line of stickers that read, “Please do not hold my mother’s taste accountable for my ensemble. She lets me dress myself.” These are stickers we would covertly affix to our child’s back when giving him a hug before he walks out the door for school. Then we could all go about our days knowing the teachers and other mothers aren’t judging us for our children’s fashion crimes.

I need one today:

Really, Dude? Camo + brown and red plaid? You’re such a cute kid and yet you’re causing pain to my sense of style in addition to my corneas. *OW OW OW*

(Jonas gets a pass on this one because at least both of his clothing items contain colors from the blue family. See how far my standards have fallen?)

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  1. I am still trying to teach my soon to be 13 yr old son that plaid and stripes do not go together. Also that clothing that is *almost* the same color (but just not 100% the same) does not go together! The quote in our house is “if there is print on the bottom you need solid on top. Or visa versa”

  2. Just be glad he’s not sagging those shorts.

    And truthfully? I have a hard time seeing anything but their smiles, but maybe that’s just a Grandpa’s view.


  3. and primary grade teachers know that lots of mothers allow their children to pick out their own clothes………… but I wonder what high school teachers think with some of the getups teenagers wear!

  4. I remember those days. And now I get the scolding from the daughter of “why did you let me go to school that way?”. I was just trying to let them as you say, “assert independence.” I think it must be harder right now since plaid is in style. Hopefully soon they’ll go back to solid pants and everything will take care of itself.
    And I’m with Jim. I just don’t get much further than the smile on that beautiful child. 🙂

    • Yeah, I worry that someday they’ll be like, ‘MOM. WHY?’ but I also feel like attire is so tied to identity, I wouldn’t want to stifle their choices in anyway. (On a slightly related note: I get angry with those ‘what not to wear’ type shows sometimes because dude, what if what they think is ‘poor fashion’ is actually the wearer’s artistic expression? if we all dress the same, it’s still all boring, even if it’s ‘good fashion’. I know not every outfit I’ve ever worn has been a winner, but I gotta be me.)

  5. Didn’t you buy him those clothes?

    • I didn’t buy either of them any of those clothes. We have three sets of Grandmas, each of which is extremely attentive and slightly obsessed with clothes. So I occasionally supplement their wardrobes with shorts or a tshirt here and there, but most of it is grandma gifted.

  6. See, clearly being the anal idiot I am , I saved myself from this dilemma! I put matching outfits on a hanger. My girls just went to the closet and “picked” what they wanted to wear, but it was pre-matched!!! LOL

  7. Your fault for giving the kids plaid shorts to begin with.

  8. Note to self: Don’t read your blog while forcing yourself to fall asleep. You are so gifted I can’t stand it!

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