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OK, today I’ve got a few little tidbits of unrelated info for you:

1. Jason was stung by a scorpion in our house yesterday. Because it was the first time he’s actually been stung (we apparently live on some sort of scorpion world head quarters because we see them in our house all the time), he felt the need to photograph the bugger:

Mean little sucker, huh? But it did give us an opportunity to experience the wonderfulness of the Poison Control Hotline (1-800-222-1222). We called for some basic information about the sting and they told him to take pain relievers and ice it and that numbness and pain just about anywhere else on his body is pretty normal for a couple of days. They also said they get 10,000 calls about scorpion stings a year in Maricopa alone. And then they proceeded to call back every hour for four hours to check to make sure that Jason was doing OK. LOVE them. What a great resource.

2. I’m working on my bag #2 prototype:

Now I just need to make it look like a bag…

3. I’m sitting an open house tomorrow that I’m very excited about:

It’s a cute Tempe house that has been remodeled and has a great diving pool out back. The address is: 1939 E. Oxford Dr., Tempe and I will be holding it open tomorrow (Saturday, September 24) from 10 AM to 2 PM. Stop by!

4 Responses to Confetti

  1. I’m eating my lunch and about died looking at that scorpion. IT IS HUGE! OMG.

  2. wow! that’s crazy! we don’t get those here-thank goodness-but have lots of other icky bugs and such. i’m glad your hubby is ok!
    your sewing looks fantastic! your first bag turned out great!! will look forward to seeing this one as well!

  3. Very cute! What is the asking price?

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