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Christmas Projects in the Works

The Backtack II gallery is up! This is a gallery for all of the people who participated in the swap that I have been involved in. Somehow, my bag didn’t make it in, but I resent my pictures and hopefully they will be added soon.

I have spent literally hours viewing the photos of all of the amazing bags. The ones I really love I have tracked down at their original sites and tried to get a better understanding of how they are constructed.

One of the things that I feel has been lacking in my work so far is embellishment. I think it’s just a rookie error, I was so focused on getting the bags or other projects to be functional that I overlooked making them pretty. So now that I’m putting together all of my Christmas presents, I have been focusing on trying different types and methods of decorating my works.

Here are my two latest bags:

What a fun Christmas this will be!

2 Responses to Christmas Projects in the Works

  1. I love the turquoise with the brown. Very cool!

  2. nice work!! love the turquoise & brown!
    and i’m so glad you enjoyed making the scarf!!
    would love to see what you made for your bt partner too!!

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