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Charles-Manson-Eyes Don’t Inspire Confidence?

So my head-shot is outdated. It’s weird to me that this is an issue; a photo I had taken 18 months ago looks too little like me now that I can’t use it on advertising materials, but apparently it’s true. I went on a listing appointment a month or so ago that I scheduled because of an ad I run in a neighborhood paper. When I showed up at their door they looked at each other confused and said they’d expected me to look different.

The big problem is that I had just cut my hair short before I had that picture taken. I probably haven’t cut it since and now it’s pretty long. It makes me look younger, I think. On my business cards I can pass for someone who’s been in the biz as much as 10 years, I think (it’s a tiny picture) but in person I think I often come off looking closer to high school age.

I’m going to schedule professional photos, but until then, Jason and I tried to capture a decent professional looking photo for an ad he was putting together for my high school reunion’s memory book. It did not go well. I was conscious of the fact that when I smile big my eyes get very small, so I was trying to keep them open. It ended up looking a little serial killerish. Plus the flash and indoor lighting projected a sweaty sheen on to my face.


Hott, right?

It didn’t help that I had a little urchin clinging to my legs the entire time:


Man, I hate having my photo taken. Sigh.

4 Responses to Charles-Manson-Eyes Don’t Inspire Confidence?

  1. Well, the first photo says to me “I’ll hunt the streets night and day for someone to buy your house!”. I’m not sure what the second one says, except that it’s so cute it really doesn’t have to say anything.

  2. Can’t. stop. laughing. Yeah you look a little too eager to find that person a house in the Jason picture. Maybe the jacket is a little too serious? I think the other positive on your first set of pictures is you chose an outfit that also displays some sort casualness (if that is a word) that would make me want to open my home to you. Becuase buying/selling homes is more personal to 90% of people than it is business. Just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

  3. Okay.. seriously..that pictures scares me..can you post something else? JK! Hope you get a picture you love!

  4. Love the long curly hair! It looks so pretty. And the shine? Isn´t your hubby a computer wizard. This is what photoshop was made for!

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