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Cat Scratch Fever

We are cat people. I know, I know, half of you are rolling your eyes and saying, “Cats? Really? Just when I thought I liked her…” and the other half are going, “AW! I love kitties too!” It’s practically more controversial than religion. Catholics and Jews intermarry all the time, but a dog person sharing his life with a cat gal? Well it just wouldn’t be civilized.

Whatever. My point is, not only are we cat people, but we are up to our ears in feline friends. Until this week we had four cats living inside our house; our two, my sister’s crazy kitten and my Uncle Robin’s giant recluse of a cat. This week my sister came and picked up her cat. We figured life with the cats would quickly settle down. And then this morning Jason woke up with this:


That’s right, at 2 AM one of the idiot cats started chasing another one around the house. The chasee dashed (LOUDLY) across our wood floors and into our bedroom and leaped up to perch on top of our headboard (which has a little ledge) and missed. I sat straight up in bed and Jason didn’t make it up fast enough. She landed on his face. Do you have any idea how shocking it is to be woken from a dead sleep by terrified hairy ball of fluff with 20 outstretched talons landing an inch from your eye? Let me just tell you that the kitties are sleeping in the garage tonight.

I think we may have to convert.

7 Responses to Cat Scratch Fever

  1. Ouch! But look how cute Jason is.

  2. OMG! JASON! I would have peed all over the bed if that would have happend to us.

  3. Man Kelli, you’re right! I do look cute. hehe
    Yeah, crazy cats, I almost DID pee myself. It took me a minute to figure out what just happened. I even got up to get a quick look at my face and did not see anything (just because I was still asleep, and squinting from the light).

    Anyway… I just hope that the scratches go away quick. I had to explain the stupid story to EVERYONE at work, all separately, since they all had to ask once they saw me. They did not believe that it was just a ‘cat’ and not a Tiger.

  4. Oh.My.Gosh. That looks painful. I can feel that sting from here!
    And I now make my fat little man sleep in his crate (he thinks it’s funny to wake me up around 4 by clawing at the carpet….Jen’s NEW carpet).

  5. I was going to say the same thing! That’s still one good looking guy. You just look more rugged now. 🙂

  6. Well, I don’t know you – I live in the north of england and last night a similar thing happened to me! I was Googling “cat scratched my face” as i was wondering if I’d get a scar and found your site.

    For me, my cat likes to sleep on my pillow above my head after he’s been out doing cat things in the garden at midnight and usually wakes me up purring;
    Last night, he must have been in his normal position and tried to move, but the pillow was hanging off the bed which made him unsteady.
    I sensed whilst asleep i a claw posssibly about to enter my eye and woke up super quick to move, but not so fast as to prevent the cats paws taking a nice swipe at my right cheek!

    Boyfriend tells me “well, i keep telling you not to let him sleep on your head”, and I’m thinking “of course! Whilst I’m; fast asleep i cannot police such a thing!”

    Anyway – your picture looks awesome, i hope you don’t scar ( day 1 for me, so i am nervously hoping the same for my own face haha ).

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