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Car Talk

This is probably the conversation a five year old Stephen King had with his mom in the car on the way to Montessori, too:

Jonas: Mom.

Me: Yes.

Jonas: Can we play the car color matching game?

Me: AUGH, I do not want to play the car color matching game.

Jonas: PLEASE, MOM??? Please? You can be white. There’s always lots of whites.

Me: You always cheat.

Jonas: I won’t cheat.

Me: You always say that and then you always change the rules so you win. Maybe tomorrow.

Jonas: Mom.

Me: Yes.

Jonas: Gray has a friend, Ethan, who went on vacation last week.

Me: Oh yeah?

Jonas: Yeah, and he was supposed to be back two days ago….

Me: mhmm…

Jonas: But, Mom, Ethan NEVER RETURNED.

Me: (snerk) That’s ominous.

Jonas: What’s ‘ominous’ mean?

Me: You know, like foreboding…

Jonas: ???

Me: I don’t know how to define it. I suck at defining stuff… Like… something bad is going to happen.

Jonas: OK, well I don’t KNOW this, but Ethan may have DIED.

Me: Oh yeah?

Jonas: Yeah. I’m not saying he definitely did, but he might have.

Me: I don’t think Ethan died.

Jonas: But MAYBE.

Me: Probably not.

Jonas: But he could have.

Me: I guess.

Jonas: Mom.

Me: Yes.

Jonas: How do they make water? Do they like crush up a whole lot of ice?

Me: Yes.

2 Responses to Car Talk

  1. Really no lack of talking in your family. I love this.

  2. Great convo. Make sure to get this on paper so if the Interwebs crash and we lose everything and the world spins off it’s axis because how could we survive without said Interwebs, then you will have all of these wonderful things your children said.

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