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Yep, that’s right, today is Gray’s second birthday! Yesterday, I tried to teach him to respond to ‘How old are you?’ I spent half an hour asking him and then bribing him with cheese and M&Ms trying to get him to say “Two!” on cue. This is how it went about 10 times in a row:

Me: Gray, how old are you?
Gray: Um, bebo uda la la?
Ben: You’re 20! Get it, cause 2 times 10 is 20! And I’m almost 60, but I’m still only 50 until July 8…
Gray: Tenty!
Me: No sweetheart, you’re two!
Ben: He’s not two yet, he’s still only one until tomorrow because tomorrow’s his birthday and today he’s still one…
Gray: One!
Me: Ben, walk away, walk away right now, unless you actually want my head to explode…

Until finally I gave up and let them go play for awhile. Later I said to Gray, “What is tomorrow?” He looked at me like this:


And said, “Two!” Technically, I was looking for ‘Birfday’, but hey, I’ll take what I can get!

Happy Birthday, Grayber!

4 Responses to Birfday!

  1. TWO!!!
    Happy Birthday Gray-dog, from Papa.

  2. Happy b-day little man! There’s something about that kid that makes me want to pick him up and squish him. Love him!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday boy!! So excited for your little men! Big birthdays! Ben must be excited too..afterall, it’s not everyday that your little one turns 60!

  4. See, now it’s stuff like this that makes miss AZ 😉 Love that he uses both hands to show 2. Hehehe. And I agree with Amanda (N) – he’s just so squishable!

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