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I showed a fabulous waterfront property out in Chandler yesterday. It has gorgeous granite counter tops in the kitchen, lots of space and a lovely view of the water out the back, but most importantly, an awesome pool. House shopping is so my favorite part of this business. It’s so fun to walk into an amazing house and imagine living there.

Anyway, this home’s pool was one of the coolest I’ve seen:

I can just imagine sitting at that little table (I’d put an umbrella in the middle there) with a margarita in hand, watching the sun set. Heaven, I tell you, heaven. I’d buy the house just for the pool.

3 Responses to BEST POOL EVER

  1. I showed that to Ryan and he said, “I don’t even want to look at that…” and walked away. 🙂 That is a GREAT pool.

  2. wow! how did you get a picture of my pool??? ya right! in my dreams!

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