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Because There Aren’t Enough Creatures Around Here

Check out the newest addition to our family:

Isn’t he (she?) freaking adorable? She’s (he’s?) a desert tortoise we bought from Gray’s school. The school is built in a circle around a tortoise habitat and every year they sell the babies to raise funds for the school and to maintain the habitat. Jason’s always wanted one.

But, sshhh! Don’t tell this guy:

It’s a surprise 4th birthday present! Yep, that’s right, my little monster is four. He told me today that now that he’s four he’s going to be nice to his brothers and not suck his thumb anymore. I guess the black eye he gave Gray yesterday by throwing a toy train at his face was just one last hurrah.

So Happy Birthday to my favorite small sociopath! I can’t wait to hear the amazing, hilarious, sweet and brilliant things that will come out of your mouth this year.

12 Responses to Because There Aren’t Enough Creatures Around Here

  1. Happy Birthday to my favorite 4-year-old!


  2. Happy Birthday Jonas! The tortise is very cute!

  3. Our friend Greg Cromer who also happens to be veterinarian, raised desert tortoise for years. We had one for several years (until our dog pushed him in the pool when we weren’t home). Greg can even microchip the tortoise.

  4. How sweet. We saw a baby one at the Wildlife World Zoo a couple of years ago. They look like a giant walnut and are adorable. Are these the kind you need to put in your will because they will outlive you?

  5. OMG…how much did you pay for that adorable little tortoise? We had a tortoise once that I rescued from a psychopathic first grader who was once in my class, but he died 2 years ago and my boys were heartbroken. I have been tinkering with the idea of getting another one, but since I didn’t buy the first one (again, rescued from imminent death at the hands of a not-so-medicated 6 year old) I wasn’t sure how or where to go about getting a new one. But, don’t mention it to Jade…he put me on pet moratorium several years back, but what does he know? I mean, we need another pet around here, right?

    • They have them for $40 at Zaharis Elementary. Or 2 for $60 or 3 for $80. I’m against additional pets also, but these guys are supposed to be pretty low maintenance.

  6. WOW. Love pets, but I’m surprised it’s allowed to adopt a legally threatened species. Anyway, thrilled the school is protecting wild habitat. Hooray. More info (including that they can live to be 100, by the way):

    • I had a guy on twitter message me that it’s illegal to buy and sell the protected type of desert tortoise. But it turns out this guy is a Sulcata tortoise, which is an African desert tortoise that is not protected. They are the most common type of desert tortoise that are kept as pets. Jason’s done a bunch of research on proper habitats and food. He’s got a nice aquarium enclosure for now and eventually he will live in the backyard.

      • That is exactly the kind we had before…a sulcata! Hi name was Tonka, and he was a great pet! Hmm…I may have to make a visit to your son’s school, but in a totally non- creepy or stalkerish kind of way, of course.

      • Ah. I thought the school was protecting habitat for threatened tortoise in Arizona and having to sell the young born in captivity. But it’s just maintaining habitat for non-native tortoise. Makes much more sense. Although I did look and you can adopt a tortoise that’s threatened in Arizona, so Twitter guy wasn’t entirely right. And that’s totally Jason: to research and has the ideal enclosure. 🙂 So what does Jonas think of the new pet?

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