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A Personal Problem

I was totally going to write out a pros and cons list regarding the current real estate market we’re experiencing in the Metro-Phoenix area today, but then I got dressed and decided I’d much rather discuss an obscure personal problem I’ve been having.

You see those holes I have in the bottom of my shirt? I have those holes in every single one of my shirts.

No really:

Does this happen to you? No, like with EVERY SHIRT? I don’t think it does. I think if it was happening to everyone there would be more people talking about it. It would be discussed on Good Morning America. It would be trending on Twitter. There would be a Facebook fan page devoted to the improving of fabric quality so we aren’t all walking around with our belly buttons exposed. I think it must just be me.

It’s not OK. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. I’m determined to figure out what’s going on with my wardrobe so I can save my cute tops.

I’ve been brainstorming and I’ve come up with the following possible explanations:

1. It’s from my seat belt rubbing against where my shirt meets my jeans. I drive a LOT, so I’m more prone to this problem than other people.

2. I have moths in my closet who really like the way my belly button smells.

3. It’s from carrying Jonas around and where his shoe grips the middle of my belly.

4. I have unusually sharp and pokey belly flab.

5. When I cook I lean against the granite counter in our kitchen and it rubs against the button on my jeans.

6. The people who own the sweat shops they sew clothes in told the kids working there they need to sneak into people’s houses at night and cut holes in their shirts so that people will buy more shirts. They’ve been focusing on my closet because they know I like to shop. They don’t realize, however, that I’m too cheap for this to keep me from still wearing the shirts.

7. Jason really likes it when I where sexy belly-exposing shirts around the house, so he’s working at making all of my shirts into those kinds with an exacto knife, one tiny hole at a time.

What do you think? What do I do about this besides sewing patches over all of my shirts right in the center at the bottom? And if I did that, do you think I could make it a new fashion craze?

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  1. I used to get holes in my shirts when I was teaching because of my lanyard and keys. I ruined so many pretty tops because of those stupid keys that I needed all day for recesses, etc,

  2. My guess…washing machine issue. They’re getting stuck on something? Just like the damn dryer totally eats people’s socks!!! And now I googled it, and I believe I’m right!

    • ok, but Jesi, why would the holes be in exactly the same spot? like right in the front and center? and only my shirts, not the kids or Jasons? I’m convinced it’s the granite in my kitchen or the seatbelt.

      • My kids have had a few of these holes too but usually not at the belly. Only mine are at the belly. And like I posted before, it even happened on a brand new shirt that I hadn’t worn yet. It doesn’t happen to my husband and he cooks against our granite counter top as much as I do.

  3. If you have granite counter tops in your kitchen and/or baths – they are probably your cause. I’ve had several clients mention it.

    • Francy! that is so weird! it’s exactly it! whew, it’s not just me.

    • I don’t think that’s it. It doesn’t happen to my husband and he cooks as much as I do. Plus, it happened to a shirt I hadn’t even worn before. It’s also happened to shirts I’ve only worn once. The granite thing doesn’t make sense.

  4. If tiny holes are appearing only in t-shirts at the front
    This can be caused by physical wear caused by rubbing against jeans, belts, and even kitchen worktops whilst working in the kitchen. For further details see the many comments below this article. Several people have identified their holes in the front lower half of t-shirts as being caused by rubbing against the kitchen worktop. Granite worktops are particularly implicated.
    Jeff suggested a great experiment in comment number 222 which should prove whether the small holes in t shirts are caused by the washing machine or by the wearer.

    • Yeah, that must be it! I guess I have to work on that. I will check out comment 222 right now!

  5. I don’t know what causes it but when you figure it out, let me know! I have the same problem and it is only my shirts, not the rest of my family. I use to think it was from the washing machine in my apartment year ago. But then we bought a house and bought a fancy front loader washer and I still get the holes every now and then. So I vetoed the washer theory.

  6. That totally happens to me!!! I just started noticing it a few weeks ago. I thought maybe it was because I wear belts and the fact that I’m holding/carrying a baby around all the time makes my shirts rub against the belt more. But now I plan on being mindful of countertop leaning too. 🙂 Thanks!

  7. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY SHIRTS. I’m thinking it is my seat belt. There is a screw back right in the center of the dohickey that goes across my lap. I’m thinking I’m going to put a bandaid on the back and see if it helps. I don’t think it could be my countertops if they are solid surface. The woman’s website refers to tiled countertops. . .

  8. What about small children tugging at the front of your clothes trying to get your attention??

  9. Could be a combination but to test the kitchen theory get an apron and put it on faithfully and see what happens. I also pull my top up and lay it over the seatbelt so it don’t wrinkle. Might help a rubbing a hold in the top too. Or it’s just Jonas! 🙂

  10. Liz,
    My wife has this same issue, she just brought it up last night. she thinks moths, but no holes in my shirts. We don’t have granite in our house. Now I can share this with her… and others

  11. My mom and I were JUST talking about this the other day. We both had shirts with holes in the front like that and were griping about it. But I have no granite counter. My conclusion? Belt. And cheap fabric. Sigh.

  12. I can’t believe this is actually happening to someone else! I have not been able to figure it out…But I notice that the material in all my shirts is similar, and pretty thin. It looks like your shirts are the same style. I thought maybe they were rubbing on my belt, only I don’t wear belts that often. And I don’t have granite countertops…hmmmm.

  13. Gee, my shirts did that because I had dogs and puppies jumping up for my attention and they would grab the front of my shirt or the back bottom of my jeans. Finally got them trained but still have a few of those shirts….
    Fun blog…..

  14. This happens to me too. Not all of my shirts but plenty of them. Enough that I have noticed and wondered. I have no idea why. I don’t have granite counter tops, I never wear belts, I don’t have pets and I don’t wear a lanyard. It doesn’t seem to be from a particular washing machine- I got a new one a year and a half ago and it still happens. Clearly this is quite the mystery that you have exposed!

  15. I know what the problem is. It is from tugging on your shirts and sweaters. I can have a shirt on for one hour and I put a whole it in. I am trying to break the habit of tugging on my clothes. Have someone watch you to see if that is what you do…or what other people who tug on their shirts. Darn habit! I am trying to stop doing it. Anyone know how to break the habit!

  16. You’re getting holes in the same spot from YOUR PANTS. A small nub is created when you button your pants. It protrudes the slightest bit, and over time, it wears a hole in your shirts. I’m positive that’s what this is. Solution: put a small piece of tape over your pants where this nub is. Voila! No more holes.

    • That’s not it Wes. This has even happened to me with a shirt I had never worn before. The tags were still on it. There is something more sinister going on here. Always in the same spot. Always around the navel. But this one really mystifies me. I hadn’t even worn it before. ARGH!!

  17. OMG I’ve been having this SAME problem with ALL of my shirts for over a year now and I thought it was moths or silverfish. HERE’S THE RUB THOUGH. IT HAPPENED ON A BRAND NEW SHIRT THAT I PULLED OUT TO WEAR. I had NEVER worn it before. Ever. I had to take the tags off to wear it. So, I don’t think it’s from the granite counter top or seat belt. And my kids are grown so I’m not carrying anyone around anymore. HELP! I need to get this figured out because I can’t keep buying new clothes!

  18. It happens to me !! looking it up in Google I realized that there are millions of WOMEN who are having the same problem, they are always below my belly button and look exactly like the one in the picture. Thanks for posting.

  19. Hi Elizabeth,
    I know this is an old thread, but thought I would leave a comment.
    If the holes are found in one area as seen in your pictures just below your belly button, on the front of all your cotton tees, the culprit is most likely your jeans button. When you lean into your kitchen counter, buckle your seat belt, wear a cross body bag, etc the holes appear as a result of friction from the metal on your jeans button, the fabric of your tee and whatever is on the outside that you lean into or cover over your tee with. Not all tees are prone to holes and sometimes the holes happen quickly or over time, depending on the fabric quality. To resolve this you either have to tuck in your tee, wear an apron or protect your tees from your jeans button by covering it with something non abrasive. I had this problem like you and could not find anything online to solve the problem so a couple of years ago I invited the Holé button cover. I would be happy to send you a pack to try and solve your shirt hole problem!

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