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A Note on Notes

So I was cleaning my office today (let’s just start this out with a small confession: I have not been accused of being ‘organized’ any time recently) and going through paperwork to decide what to keep and what to pitch and found this:

This was a sheet of paper that I took notes on during a phone call with a client. Just one phone call. Just one client.

I picked this sheet of notes up and had to sit in wonder a little bit about what a psycologist who didn’t know me would say about my mental health.

And then I realized that this sheet of notes kind of represents my life right now. My dad tells me on a regular basis that if I just put into place my systems (Quicken!) and get things organized, everything will run more smoothly.

Yet, I have to admit that this circular and chaotic set of notes mirrors my way of thinking. Jason (the supportive, webmaster, husband and father man in my life) and I regularly disagree about how to get things done because his thought process goes from A….. to B, and mine goes from A….. around to G, M, C, Z and then back around to B.

So I guess it make sense that my notes and my life are a little bit crazy. I have this feeling that if I forced myself to take straight notes that made sense to everyone I wouldn’t be who I am.

4 Responses to A Note on Notes

  1. That is funny. I don’t often work in a linear fashion either. Hey, as long as you can interpret your notes, right?

  2. As long as you understand your notes nothing else matters. LOL

  3. Finally! Someone who might actually understand me and my way of living! We may be kindred spirits. 🙂 In packing and going through paperwork 2 nights ago I found several sets of my own notes that looked frighteningly familiar to yours. Plus, who says going from A to B is always good. Think of all you would miss without going to G, M, C, and Z before getting to B!

  4. Oh, my… I knew I liked you! We have way more in common than I realized. 🙂

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