The highs and lows of parenting and real estate.

A Little Too Much of Both

Sometimes I think they rule the world, sometimes they drive me to drink; usually it’s a little of both.




Things I love:

Gray’s a human beat box. We will be walking in the parking lot at the supermarket and someone will disarm their car alarm. Gray will instantly mimic the noise as closely as he can in pitch and time. He does it often with birds and other animals too. He’s that guy from Police Academy as a one and a half year old, I swear.

We were in the car the other day going to the post office, riding in silence but for the radio tuned to NPR. I was zoning, the kids were quiet and calm for once. Out of the blue Ben says, “Mommy, did you hear that?!”

I looked around outside, not remembering hearing anything sharp or memorable, “Hear what, Sweetheart?”

“That there’s a giant block of ice the size of Mexico on top of Greenland? Is that true?”

The kid soaks up EVERYTHING. As much as I like NPR, even I was tuning out the global warming discussion, but not Ben, he was hanging on every word.

Things I love less:

Gray is the most demanding child on the planet. He can say, “MAMA!” Loudly, shrilly and often enough to rupture my ear drum. He also knows this works more quickly if he does it in public.

Ben cannot, no matter how hard I try, be convinced to eat his breakfast in a timely manner, remember to bring home his jacket from school, eat anything green or clean up his room.

I know the good definitely outweighs the bad, but today, I have a headache.

3 Responses to A Little Too Much of Both

  1. You. Scare. Me. (Remember..I have all this to look forward too…and I already have headaches most days..)

  2. I read that to Ryan and he’s decided that Gray’s a future muscian that needs to be molded. I know someone who’ll give him lessons for cheap!

  3. Two observations from this post:

    1) Stay on Ben’s good side, because one day he’s going to run things around here.

    2) If you can look at that picture of Gray on the bottom and it doesn’t cause you to break into a smile, you need to step back, take two deep breaths, and try again.

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