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10 Reasons Not to Kill Myself on Tax Day

So… Yeah. It’s tax day. I made it through our tax appointment without melting into a quivering puddle of jello flavored with stress and sweat (mmm, tastes like a Reuben sandwich), but for the first time since I’ve been in real estate we actually owed money to the government.

Usually the government just takes one look at our empty pockets turned out of our jeans that have holes mended with newspaper and our job titles of ‘Realtor’ and ‘Web-developer when the company he’s working for isn’t just randomly closing it’s doors and going out of business or laying off half its workforce’ and says, Um… you can have a cookie. We don’t really need your money.

In 2010, though, I sold that one big fancy house and apparently the fact that we had three family members hospitalized for random reasons within a 12 month period and still owe many thousands of dollars to various medical institutions and professionals doesn’t cancel that particular windfall out. I’m going to try not to complain about it, though, because it was pretty rad (Love you, Najims!).

The point is, I had to write a big check this morning. I also spent 25 minutes driving around trying to remember where the closest post office is to my house. I know there’s one here just south of the north part of the 202, but I can never remember which exit it is. I tried Greenfield, Higley and Recker. It’s not any of those. I never did find it. I dropped the check in the box at Walgreens. That’s going to have to be good enough. Next time I have to make a trip to the post office I’m going to try to remember it’s NOT at Greenfield, Higley or Recker.

So right now I’m trying to focus on happy things and not being depressed. I also have eleventy urgent things that really really really need to get done ASAP and Jonas home ‘helping’ me today. (‘Best friends play trains with each other, Mom. You’re my best friend, right? Why are you working?’) Thus, my list of 10 Things to Live For on Tax Day was born:

1. I did pick up a closing check yesterday that will just cover my tax payment. So at least we have the cash to pay the government and won’t have to go into hiding or anything.

2. I attending the inspection of one of my buyers’ soon to be new homes yesterday and pilfered these beauties from an overflowing tree in the backyard:

I’m so making lemon bars with them when I have a free moment. And the house is currently a Fannie Mae owned foreclosure, so I’m just going to consider these lovelies part of what I paid for this morning.

3. My partners in crime and I are hosting our Fifth Annual Twelve Oaks Community Yard Sale tomorrow from 7 to noon. It’s always a fun chance to peruse other people’s stuff and add to the clutter that already fills my house. Oh and it’s nice to visit with my friends in Twelve Oaks. (Let’s not talk about what time I have to get up to make this happen. It will just kill my buzz.) If you’re looking for a yard sale or 20, head over to Rural and Chandler Blvd. in Chandler tomorrow morning. You should see signs. And balloons. Please don’t throw things at us.

4. This morning when mailing my check into the IRS I peeled a stamp off the roll I’ve been using for several months and realized they are actually 28 cent postcard stamps we originally purchased for a mailer campaign. I’ve been using them to mail bills and greeting cards and the like. I have no idea how many things I’ve sent with exactly half the necessary postage nor what actually happened to those things. So… the happy is: I’ve realized the error of my ways and won’t be doing it anymore? Also I managed figure it out before I dropped the tax check in the box, so that one got two.

5. I’ve got paperwork to send over today to the bank with a strong offer on one of my short sale listings. (One of the eleventy things I need. to. get. done. now.)

6. I’m going to the wedding of my super sweet lender friend, Tekla, tomorrow and I have the raddest dress to wear. My mom bought it for me a few months ago and I haven’t had the occasion to wear it to yet:

It needs ironing and has a funky kind of 80s vibe, but I LOVE it.

7. I have leftover Thai food made by an actual Thai (over there they just call it ‘food’) in tupperware for lunch today. That’s if the fire of a thousand suns spiciness hasn’t eaten away the tupperware already and it’s just a puddle of rice and green curry chicken on a shelf in my fridge. My Uncle Robin moved to Thailand several years ago and found himself a lovely Thai bride, Rae. They were visiting this week and Rae cooked for us last night. It. Was. Awesome. My mouth still hasn’t totally recovered.

8. Dude. I’m totally a gardener. Check it out:

That’s right, Jason made good on his promise and totally made me a garden. It didn’t take the single hour we were promised by friends, but Jason likes to make things harder than they need to be. It keeps him happy. And hey, it’s done!! We have peppers and tomatoes and cilantro and basil that are totally going to be delicious any minute; I just know it.

9. Real estate still regularly makes me want to pull my own arm hair out strand by strand, but lately, ever since I joined my new brokerage and no longer take on company generated strangers who like to boss me around and waste my time clients, I have to say, I totally don’t hate any of my clients! I actually love to show houses to any and all of them! They’re fun and hilarious and interesting people who respect my time and knowledge and totally don’t make me hate them or myself! It’s an amazing feeling, I have to say. I’m so lucky to get to work with such fun, lovely people. (I’m finished bragging now.)

10. I have a new internet/blogging type project I’ve been working on all DL-like for the last few months that’s finally going to debut on MONDAY!! I have lots of work to do on it over the weekend, but if you come back on Monday I’ll totally announce what it’s all about and where you can go to see it. It’s going to be, say it with me: RAD.

So there we go. I’m officially cheered up. You must have 10 things to be happy about on tax day, too, right?

9 Responses to 10 Reasons Not to Kill Myself on Tax Day

  1. Reason to celebrate number 1: You actually made enough money to owe the IRS something.

    Reason to celebrate number 2: You actually have the money to pay the tax bill and still pay the mortgage and buy the groceries.

    I’d say that’s pretty good.

    Congratulations, Elizabeth

  2. RAD. Love the dress, the lemons, and the garden. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

  3. LOVE the dress. That is so you! You can totally steal lemons from my yard any time you want to drop off lemon bars… 😉

    Btw, taxes are due Monday so you’re totally ahead of the curve! And future reference: Higley between McKellips and McDowell for the post office.

  4. Thanks for the post! I totally can relate to:
    1-I too am grateful that I closed a few sales in the past few weeks and was able to have the $$ in hand to pay the IRS this year.
    4-I wrote the checks last week and finally decided to take them to the post office on Wednesday since I have no stamps. I was shocked to learn that a stamp now costs .44 cents. Wow, guess that’s what happens when you pay everything online or thru auto debit?
    9-I LOVE Thompson’s Realty too! I think I am finally getting better at just saying NO to the dead weight clients that make me want to stick needles in my eyes!

  5. Like Amanda said, today is Emancipation day as it is the 3rd Friday of every May. No, I didn’t know this before, but apparently when Lincoln freed the slaves he actually gave the slaveowners money for releasing their slaves. Anyhoo, since it’s technically a holiday in Washington D.C. taxes are due the next day, but since the next day is a weekend it got pushed to Monday. I’ll prolly never need this info again.

  6. I pay estimated payments, so not only did i write a bend-me-over check this week…but i get to do it 3 more times this year…

    Also, since you’re friends with Ms. Agriculture Board Volunteer GreenThumb you probably already know this, but if not, get cages for the tomatoes and peppers and when it gets hot, water. Every. Day.

  7. I am so proud of that garden. And your pilfering of lemons to help right the wrong that is our current tax system.

    Ms. Agriculture Board Volunteer GreenThumb

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  9. I know I am only about a month late, but where did you get that dress? It is freaking awesome and I want it, too, or in a skirt! I love it, & hope it was fabulous wearing it.

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